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Connor’s Corner

As another year draws to a close, college students are left to ponder how much they learned throughout the past two semesters.

Many will be left feeling like they should have accomplished more – and in many cases you most likely could have – but I urge you not to think about your growth process in a black-and-white fashion.

People tend to only care about things when there is a grade attached to them, but there is no mark for maturity on your report card.

Students should act as if they are being evaluated by a professor in regard to how they treat others or how many times they put a smile on someone’s face.

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Our country’s education system is long and grueling, and can make for a miserable experience. But you have to decide if you will be miserable during it. The workload isn’t going to change, so it’s going to have to be your attitude.

Above all, I desire my fellow students to be happy when taking on the challenges of college. I have watched too many friends spend their time at Gannon with a lousy outlook.

They continuously talk about getting their degree and getting the heck out of Erie. When their time comes to an end they walk across the stage, receive their diploma and move on with their lives.

They spent their time setting themselves up for the future, but failed to live in the moment. They allowed a great opportunity to slip through their hands.

Don’t repeat the actions of unhappy people. I’m not suggesting that people stop growing when the graduate from college, but many get stuck in their ways.

Surrounding myself with positive people has made the biggest impact on my growth at school. When I was a sophomore here, I spent a lot of my time with negative thinkers.

Each day started the same – a struggle – and ended with depressing melodies aiding them to sleep.

I was younger, and didn’t think it was my place to strive for change. I respected these people, but they didn’t have any respect for themselves.

They were all intelligent and went on to get jobs, but I feel that they still start each morning the same way.

I feel responsible for not being able to help out my friends, but I’m not sure they are ready for change.

We shared great times and laughs together, but I couldn’t continue to live my life just getting by.

Finals week is quickly approaching and the long nights that accompany it can make for a stressful time. Even though you will most likely be shacked up in the library, take some time each day to live in the moment.

Whether it be a bike ride around Presque Isle State Park, a walk to the bay or dancing to your favorite song, do something that makes you smile and happy to be alive.

When you look at your final grades this semester, think about what mark you would have received in becoming the person you want to be.


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