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End-of-term blues impend motivation

As the spring semester winds down, so do many of the wills of Gannon University students.

It has been a long semester, and not just because of the usual chores and tasks university students are expected to perform, but because the atmosphere – particularly when it comes to the weather – has not been too helpful.

It’s easy and natural to want to stay indoors when you still have to wear a winter coat two weeks into April.

This kind of mentality, then, prompts you to want to stay indoors even if you’re expected to show up for a group project.

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Seemingly simple solutions to study problems magnify in this type of weather. Students who find it difficult to study in their rooms or apartments might find it even more difficult to walk across campus to the library or the Power Room to find a satisfying studying environment.

Luckily, students are getting a break. Easter break is almost upon the university and everyone, including faculty and staff, can hopefully recharge.

Finding the motivation to stay on track  – or in some cases, start looking into what needs to be done  – at this time of the year is always difficult.

But it’s important to conjure the warrior in you and give it your best. This is the chance to make up these low quiz and midterm grades or a missed assignment.

However, while it’s important to give it your all, it’s also important to give yourself some time to relax every now and then.

Studying while you’re anxious would probably do more harm than good. Approaching school work and papers with an open  and focused mind makes even the most daunting task a little more appealing.

Easter break provides time to catch a breath, yet also catch up on important work. Let’s try to use this last chance we’re given count.

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