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Beyoncé is taking on country genre.
Beyoncé is going country
February 23, 2024

    Find some reason to dress your look up

    Some women often complain that dressing up is a lot of effort with little reward. However, in the next few paragraphs, I am going to prove that dressing up has many rewards.

    Wearing something cute that makes you feel good shouldn’t be saved for just special occasions.

    I think we should make the effort to dress up every day – it’s beneficial for not only our self-esteem, but also the eyes of the people who have to look at us every day.

    Life is simply too short to blend in and when dressing up like an orange traffic cone to stand out is socially unacceptable, we are left with one option – look fabulous.

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    The way to stand out is to set a new personal record for fashion each day.

    Fashion is one of the greatest methods of self-expression.

    What does what you’re wearing say about you today? Does that hoodie say you’re lazy? Do those yoga pants say you’re complacent?

    Wear things that express the best parts of you. Wear a necklace that says, “I have attention to detail” or a leather jacket that expresses how awesome you are.

    Dress up because you never know who you’re going to see walking down AJ’s Way.

    On the off-chance that Gerard Butler is riding down Eighth Street, I want to be prepared.

    Jeans and a T-shirt aren’t going to cause a two-car pile-up, but the right sundress could.

    My sources tell me that the male population loves sundresses.

    Don’t dress up just for the benefit of others. Do it because you deserve to look your best at all times.

    My mantra is look good, feel good.

    You deserve to feel good, so help yourself out by looking really great.

    I’m not asking you to wear a prom dress every day, but if you can add more formal elements to your everyday attire, your standard of dress will improve.

    You can’t improve your sense of style if your default look says “I give up.” Put a little extra effort in today, and tomorrow it will be easier to construct your clothing masterpiece.

    Your great taste in clothing can land you some new friends. Cute clothes and accessories can be a great conversation starter.

    When people trust your taste in clothes, they tend to trust you in other aspects as well. That awesome bracelet could make you the relationship-advice guru of your group.

    Dressing up will improve your fashion artistry. If you’re willing to take risks and make mistakes, then you can learn from those mistakes. Once you get past these mistakes, you have a new piece of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.

    Fashion artistry is like a muscle, you’ve got to push it to the limit if you want to see an improvement. Exercise your fashion muscles.

    Do it for the freedom. One day when you’ve got a 9-5 job or everything you wear gets covered up by a lab coat, you are going to miss the fashion freedom you had in college.

    Take advantage of it now before it’s gone. Experiment now; there’s no better time.



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