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February 23, 2024

Book turns experiences into career survival guide

Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted a book to tell you how to start your career after college, “Careeranista” is what you’re looking for.

Author Chaz Pitts-Kyser is the founder of Careeranista, a company created to inspire, support and educate women to lead more fulfilling lives. In the book, Pitts-Kyser narrates her post-college experiences and incorporates other women’s testimonials.

The book defines a careeranista as a “smart, sophisticated, success-driven young woman committed to carving out a career she loves.” “Careeranista” is split into four parts titled “Becoming a Careeranista,” “Succeeding as a Careeranista,” “Questions of a Careeranista” and “Overcoming a Careeranista’s Biggest Obstacles.”

The first part addresses aspects of the workforce that many soon-to-be graduates are often intimidated by. Pitts-Kyser discusses her experiences looking for a job, getting a job and all of the important tidbits to know when you have a job – such as information about benefits, salary and networking.

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“Succeeding as a Careeranista” talks about how to build a career once you have a job along with other important aspects of being an adult such as managing your finances, paying off college debt and how to handle losing your job.

The next section answers questions many young adults face, such as “Where should I live?” and “Do I have to go back to school?”

The last part discusses the biggest obstacles throughout a woman’s career, such as sex discrimination, sexual harassment and fear of failure.

It’s easy to tell from the title, the description and the cover that this book is meant for women. As many differences exist between men and women, “Careeranista” explains that the road to fulfilling the career goals for each gender is going to be different.

“Careeranista” is essentially a how-to guide for women to make the most out of their careers – and an effective one at that. The book goes into detail about what to do for each scenario a woman could face on her journey in the workforce.

Pitts-Kyser doesn’t only use her experience and advice to shape the book. Throughout each section are testimonials of different women as they faced challenges during the different steps of their career paths.

The other women’s input helps the book to have more well-rounded information.

Though Pitts-Kyser is mainly familiar with the publishing industry, she also gives pointers that would help women of multiple industry paths, from biology to accounting to film-making.

This book is definitely a great reference tool for women who are graduating from college soon, but it also would be a good read for any woman in college to help her prepare for  life after graduation.

Unlike most reference books, though, this isn’t the type of book where you’d turn to one page to look information up. This is a book to read all the way through first and then look to different sections when you reach that certain point in your life.

Not only does “Careeranista” explain how to land an interview, but it gives an explanation of different career concepts college-aged women might not completely understand.

Any girl who wants to have a career someday should have this on her bookshelf.



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