AlumKnights: Creating lifelong connections

As May 10 approaches, the excitement among those graduating continues to grow. The Gannon University Alumni Association is also excited to welcome the newest alumni into its fold!

The Alumni Association is here to help our most recent “AlumKnights” in their transition into the next phase of their lives – enrolling in graduate school, starting a new job, looking for your dream post-graduate job or moving to a new city.

The benefits of the Alumni Association to our newest members are encapsulated in our mission statement: “The Alumni Association engages and connects alumni to the University and to one another.”

There are over 34,025 alumni in all 50 states and internationally. The Alumni Association currently has 11 metropolitan regions that host events to keep alumni connected. These events include everything from sports tailgates and happy hours to local GIVE Day projects.

Outside of these organized events, you can find fellow AlumKnights in your area through the Alumni Services Office or the Alumni Association’s increased presence on social media. “Like” the Gannon University Alumni Association’s page on Facebook, and reach out to see who’s nearby.

Alumni relationships also facilitate professional networking. Interested in a new job? Have questions about a potential employer? Planning a move, but have no idea where to find a job? Reach out to your AlumKnights.

If you’re looking for a new job or are still looking for the right job for you, Gannon’s Career Development and Employment Services (CDES) are available for Alumni Association members free of charge. CDES will help with your resume and provide job interview training and individual career advice. You can also post your resume and search job listings on the CDES website.

Join the Alumni Association’s LinkedIn group, which also provides opportunities to network with AlumKnight professionals, many of whom also post job listings.

For a complete description of all the benefits offered by the Alumni Association, visit

If graduation is in your near future, take a minute to chat with the president of the Alumni Association, Scott M. Krall ’84, who will be the keynote speaker at Founders’ Day and will participate in the commencement ceremony.

Whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going after graduation, remember that you’re part of a huge international network that makes up the Gannon University Alumni Association.

We want to help you create lifelong connections with your fellow AlumKnights.