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Beyoncé is taking on country genre.
Beyoncé is going country
February 23, 2024

    Fashion’s welcoming back 1960s

    Believe it or not, one day we will be able to leave our apartments without wearing 10 million layers of clothes.

    That day is coming sooner than you think, and when it does it will be time for the fun excitement of spring fashion.

    In preparation for the flowers blooming and birds singing, we’ll discuss what’s popular this spring. New York Fashion Week was defined by crop tops, sheer details, fringe and exaggerated silhouettes.

    The colors included a classic combination of black and white, icy pastels and hints of pink. The high-fashion world is renewing and reusing vintage styles from several decades ago. So go raid your mother’s closet, but first read this.

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    The first recyclable clothing, coming to us from the ‘60s, is the trench coat. What’s cool about trench coats is that whether they’re worn 60 years ago or now, they maintain their distinguished demeanor. There’s something very professional, almost regal, about a good trench coat.

    They were wearing trench coats in the last scene of Casablanca. That’s probably why that movie was so popular: great style – or maybe because it’s a timeless love story, who knows.

    If you can get your hands on a Burberry, you have hit the trench coat jackpot.

    If I had a Burberry, I would wear it every day. I’d wear it with my fancy clothes and pearls. I’d wear it with my jeans and Converse. A trench makes everything look polished.

    If you’re not a fan of the trench coat – though I don’t know why you wouldn’t be –  you can try your hand at a biker jacket. If your mom was hip in the ‘80s, she had a motorcycle jacket. It offers a more edgy style in contrast to a classic trench.

    Regardless of the time of year, there is a place for leather jackets in all seasons, so it’s a pretty good investment to make. The older your jacket is, the better. The aged leather becomes nice and soft and adds legitimacy to your vintage endeavor.

    Midriffs are here to stay. I guess that means, I have to go to the CAP on a regular basis now… or maybe not. Crop tops are not for everyone. Some of us, myself included, are just not meant to bare the belly. But if you can, embrace the freedom. Then tell us who can’t wear them what it’s like.

    Does it feel awesome? Do you feel like Jillian Michaels? Try it with a maxi skirt to really go for an all-out ‘90s look.

    It’s time for floral print. It’s like spring-time camouflage. To really embrace ‘60s counterculture, you should do a few things first.

    Step one is to find floral print pants. Step two is to find a meadow of flowers. Step three is to lie in it and listen to the band Jefferson Airplane.

    But if you can’t do all that, you can spend a day in the local Goodwill looking for pastel floral-print skirts. They’ve probably been there since the ‘60s, aging like a fine wine – just for you!

    Going even farther back into history, we can remember Samantha from “Bewitched” rocking the peddle-pushers. I’m talking about classic 1950s capris.

    Just that little bit of ankle action can be very flattering with low-cut sneakers like Keds, Sperry’s or even ballerina flats.

    Don’t forget! It’s time to find your Easter dress.

    I miss the time when, as a child, picking out my Easter dress was an event. I think it still should be.

    Maybe I’m wearing a little less purple, polka-dot print these days, but I still feel pretty entitled to a cute new dress. And if we can use Easter as a reason to do so – all the better.

    I hope these few insights to what’s happening in the fashion world will help you with your spring cleaning and, more importantly, spring shopping.




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