‘Whose Line’ is back anyway

One of the most famous comedy shows on television opened its 10th season with laugh-out-loud jokes and some clever side comments.

“Whose Line Is It Anyway?” returned to the CW Friday night to begin season 10.

The show recently came back from a hiatus in the summer of 2013 for the ninth season and did well enough to get signed on for another one.

Some of the bigger differences between the new edition of “Whose Line” and the edition before the hiatus include the host changing from Drew Carey to Aisha Tyler and how much the comedians on the show have aged.

Despite these differences, though, the show is still hilarious. Some of the humor is a bit unconventional and raunchy, but most of the show is full of slapstick jokes.

The best part about the humor is that everything is made up on the spot.

The comedians featured on this episode were Wayne Brady, Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. The episode also featured Kat Graham from “The Vampire Diaries” as a guest star.

The first episode of season 10 begins with one of the show’s most popular games, “Scenes from a Hat.”

Some of the scenes pulled for the game included “things you shouldn’t say to a police officer that has just pulled you over,” “things you don’t want to hear your veterinarian say” and “things you can say about your house, but not your partner.”

The last of the three scenes received most of the laughter from the audience and from Tyler.

Although many of the jokes for the veterinarian scene were also quite humorous, it was a bit more difficult to think of jokes for that on the spot.

One of the funnier side comments after the game happened when Tyler couldn’t think of who to give the points to and told the guys to divide them amongst themselves, to which Mochrie said that giving points is the only thing Tyler does and she’s making them do it.

The show continued with a game where Brady sang to Graham a song in the style of a musical based on the word “flamboyant.” Proops, Mochrie and Stiles got to be backup dancers, to which Brady made a joke later about not wanting America to keep watching these old, white men dance.

Later, Mochrie and Stiles played a game called “infomercial,” where the product they were selling was how to pick up girls.

The jokes ranged from making fun of themselves as the hosts of this infomercial to some of the props they pulled out to go along with it.

One of the jokes was so particularly raunchy that Stiles couldn’t even finish it vocally and instead just pulls out the prop.

The final games that Graham participated in are “Living Scenery” and “Living Props,” both of which were very similar.

For someone who is more well-known for her role in a dramatic show, Graham did really well in an improvisational comedic environment.

Overall, “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” opened its 10th season with lots of humor that’s true to how the show has always been.

It may not live up to some of the expectations fans have now – because it is a bit different in other ways – but it’s still a good show for those who like almost any form of comedy.



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