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‘Glee’ star rocks solo album

Lea Michele’s first solo album showcases her original style and voice.

Michele, who stars as Rachel on “Glee,” came out with her debut record, “Louder,”  on March 4.

Prior to that, Michele released a single from the album, its first song “Cannonball.”

Many people who have heard of Michele know she’s been on Broadway, and she has sung several show tunes throughout her career on “Glee.”

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This first song and single definitely emphasizes that her voice was trained for the stage.

In fact, it might have made the song a bit awkward.

With the song’s instrumentals and rhythm alone, it sounds like it could be sung by almost any pop artist; however, the way Michele supports her vowels sounds like the song was supposed to be sung in a musical.

The song is well-sung; however, it isn’t the most pop-sounding song on the album, nor is it a good representation of the album as a whole.

The next song, “On My Way,” highlights a better mix of Michele’s vocals with pop instrumentals.

The feel of the song in general is more upbeat and though Michele’s vocal range is made known, it isn’t nearly as obvious that her voice is more accustomed to a theater.

And like a pop song, the chorus is very catchy and will get stuck in your head.

“Burn With You” exemplifies what Michele knows how to do best – ballads.

While the song may not necessarily be slow, the lyrics are more poetic than the previous two and the pace is slower, which give more room for Michele’s voice to move.

Even though the lyrics in the chorus may seem a little dark, if listeners don’t look at the meaning literally, the song is quite heartfelt – whatever I do, I want to be with the person I love.

“Battlefield” slows the pace and brings the mood down. Again, the slower songs work well for Michele because they exhibit her vocals.

This song takes the idea of love being a battlefield and makes it darker, saying, “What seemed like a good idea turned into a battlefield.”

The syncopation of the lyrics in “You’re Mine” are a little awkward in the verses, but the lyrics are heartfelt.

However, it’s not the best on the album.

“Thousand Needles” might be, though.

The slow song works well with Michele’s vocal style and the metaphors connected to “a thousand needles in my heart” prove the song to be overall very powerful.

The mood picks back up with the album’s title song, “Louder.”

The song has a very positive message and a catchy beat to make listeners forget about the less-than-happy songs before this one.

The only other upbeat and “poppy” song on the album would be “Don’t Let Go.”

“Cue the Rain,” “Empty Handed” and “If You Say So” are all slow songs, similar to the ones prior to them.

Overall, the album is a very good one for Michele to begin her solo career with.

Although it would have been nice to have almost any other song released as the single for the album, it’s also understandable that the record didn’t want to give away the best song on the album and leave listeners wanting more.

It’s a great listen for people who want to listen to Michele sing something besides covers of show tunes and Top 40 songs.



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