Fashion weeks are fashion strong

Fashion Week continues its trek across the world with runway shows in London, which occurred Feb. 14 – 18, and continued on to what some call the fashion capital of the world, Milan, which started Thursday and ended Monday.

Typically, viewers of London Fashion Week can expect to see eclectic, vibrant and unconventional styles and this year was no different.

Designers ranged from Ashish, Mary Katrantzou, Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum. Many collections featured metallic, sequences, layering and a lot of inspired men’s wear for women.

While LFW was extremely different from New York Fashion Week, there were similar trends that showed up in each. For fall 2014, fashion will depict many patterns in all different colors and a lot of layers.

One style that designers at LFW seemed to love was metallic in neutral colors. Katrantzou featured a stunning metallic gray one-shoulder dress, as well as slapping blue and gray metallic on several women’s suits. With inspired menswear for women popping up in fashion shows all across the world, mixing a masculine trend with a metallic pattern gives the suits something extra for the women donning them.

And while most of the suits on the runway feature the model only wearing the blazer on top, the everyday woman would throw a crisp button-down top underneath and be ready to go to work, looking professional and trendy.

Designers like Ford and Katrantzou were focused on a sophisticated working woman. Erdem and Peter Pilotto were all about embracing your feminine side. Both collections were heavy on dresses, with only two or three models for each show wearing pants.

Erdem brought the elegance. The color scheme was fairly simple; gold, black and silver were the main choices, though some dresses did feature flower patterns along with pops of red here and there.

The collection was very chic with dresses hitting just above the knee, incorporating lace, leather sheer and metallic. The collection as a whole looked perfect for a night on the town with dark, elegant colors to complement any skin tone.

Anyone who has been to Target recently might recognize  Pilotto because he recently collaborated with the superstore and designed exclusively for it. One look at this LFW collection and it’s easy to spot the style: patterns.

From floor-length dresses to jackets to tea length dresses, everything in the collection featured some type of pattern. And while patterns may overwhelm or intimidate people, the design team behind Pilotto has a knack for putting together pieces to create a cohesive and fun look.

Let’s be honest, typically fall is full of neutral colors with splashes of cranberry or plum here and there. But, after seeing Pilotto’s collection, vibrant and interesting patterns are really going to spice fall up, something that we all need before those long winter months.

And while London brought the unusual and exciting trends, Milan Fashion Week brought the sophistication. Colors and exciting patterns appeared again but in a much different color palette.

MFW was full of rich and creamy whites, soft oranges, striking golds and pinks and chi blacks. The time of the powerful woman is definitely the fashion “in” but the trick that the designers in Milan mastered was creating a strong, edgy yet sophisticated and soft woman.

Laure Biagiotti’s collection stood out the most and was the highlight of the whole week. Each look that came down the runway was strong yet feminine and the designer incorporated such a glorious color scheme, which traveled from black and white, to red, orange, gold, blush and ended in white.

The collection flowed and was so cohesive, it really was not only the center of  Milan Fashion Week, but trumped many of the other collections at both New York and London Fashion weeks. It was so stunning and so Italian, along with the rest of MFW, it is giving Paris a run for its money as fashion capital of the world.



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