Gannon celebrates arts for holidays

A rare nugget of art appreciation, the Schuster Art Gallery pledges itself to promote the artistic efforts of local artists. In collaboration with the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association, a nonprofit visual arts organization, Gannon University’s Art Gallery presents a collection of art from local and regional artists. The Schuster Gallery, located in the Nash Library, is an easily accessible way for students to integrate themselves into the arts.

The gallery prides itself on offering a unique opportunity to Gannon students interested in visual arts.

Mariah Perry, a senior occupational therapy major and one of the many Schuster Scholars responsible for helping to keep the arts alive on campus, puts it into perspective.

“The Nash Gallery is different because, although it is open to the public, it is in a prime location for Gannon students, allowing us easier access to the art community,” Perry said. “Also, the gallery is smaller and allows for the entire space to focus on one theme at a time, allowing viewers to almost get lost in the world of art more easily.”

The Nash Gallery’s focus on local artists comes into play many ways. Another Schuster Scholar, junior psychology major Alex Mihai, said the gallery appreciates the work of Gannon students – both current and alumni.

“Many students benefit when it comes to displaying their work,” Mihai said. “Outsiders frequently come to see the work and students can get their names out if they are considering a career in this field.”

Lori Steadman, director of the Schuster Gallery at Nash Library, said that viewing creative works stimulates a student to be more creative in his or her own endeavors, be the academic or otherwise.

“Creative thinkers often look beyond obvious options, not only in art but in other areas of life,” Steadman said. “Students might even discover a love of creative pursuits that they never knew existed.”

Perry said she has been dancing for 14 years and is a member of the Gannon University Dance Team.

“Art for me has allowed me to create lifelong relationships, provided me with a positive outlet during difficult times and has taught me the importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance,” Perry said.

Mihai echoed Perry’s words.

“The arts have always been a passion in my life: a place where I can escape to when times are hard and also a comforting and enjoyable place,” Mihai said.

The Gallery Night will be held on the third floor of Nash Library from 7-10 p.m. Friday.




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