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Religious beliefs bring true Christmas miracles

Christmas time is a time for Great Lakes Christmas Ale, bright elegant trees, Andy Williams and most importantly – presents. OK, so I am obviously joking about presents being the most important.

If I had a dollar every time I caught myself saying, “I’m a broke college student,” I most definitely wouldn’t be broke anymore.

As it gets closer to Christmas, I realize that I should feel all right about saying I’m a broke college student because I could be broke and also not in college.

Honestly, the best pre-Christmas present is an endless night of studying for finals and getting one step closer to my career.

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I realized that in all my 21 years of life, I’ve helped out at a food bank only once, and that was because it was mandatory for a class in high school.

As a born and raised Catholic, solidarity is the notion that we’re connected with our neighbors and we aren’t here just to take care of ourselves. Also, subsidiarity is the idea that problems in a community should be solved at an intimate level. Don’t just assume that the federal government can easily help the poor, because it looks better and will be much more appreciated if you personally put aside some time to volunteer personal time.

I’m not trying to get all religious on a topic that can go for everyone – religious or not – but this is the way I look at helping people. It is also a reason why I feel so passionate about those who feel a sense of hopelessness.

Helping the less fortunate is not just for the holidays, but it could sure make one feel even more special during a time like Christmas. There are 364 more days – usually – in a year that shelters and food banks could use help, but there’s just something about the spirit we feel during Christmas time.

You can be that Christmas miracle someone is looking for.

Volunteering time is also extremely appropriate for those college students who feel as if they’re broke, just like me. The best part about volunteering is that it’s a free gift.

I’ve been asked countless times what my favorite Christmas gift was, and I’m not sure I can think of one. Gifts have never been the main purpose to me. Sitting in my living room with my giant tree lit up and Hallmark movies on repeat makes me happy – as simple as it sounds.

Happiness is of value beyond measure. Greed – one of the seven deadly sins – is one that links money and happiness together, when truly they shouldn’t.

Because I’m speaking so strongly on a concern that most people preach about, but don’t take action on – including myself – I’m going to take action and help the less fortunate out. Not to make myself feel good, but so the ones I’m helping will too feel special during the Christmas time.

This is closure to my laziness and an opening to a life of solidarity and subsidiarity.



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