Tough Fantasy Football choices: Sit or Start?

After an extremely ugly Week 7, which saw the injury bug strike numerous studs across the league, many fantasy teams are reeling for some points and wins in Week 8.

These “Starts and Sits” are to be used only as a guideline; if a player is a “start,” it doesn’t mean you’re starting him over Peyton Manning.

It just shows that I value a player higher than his usual output; the opposite is true for the “sits” section.

Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions quarterback, should be started unless you have the aforementioned Manning – Peyton, of course, not Eli – you have to put Stafford in your lineup this week.

Coming off a stellar performance, Stafford is going up against the 30th-ranked Dallas passing defense.  If that isn’t enough, the Lions have a legitimate second receiver in Kris Durham.  And you just know Calvin Johnson is going to go “Megatron” on these guys.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers starting quarterback, deserves a start because he’s on a roll.  The Panthers are on a roll.  The defense is giving him great field position.

Don’t shy away because of Revis Island on the opposite side of the field; Brandon LaFell always manages to come up big when Steve Smith is put on lockdown by an opposing corner.  Total gut call, but I feel like Newton is going to have a good day rushing the ball, too.

Robert Griffin III is also worthy of receiving the nod because when the man starts to run the ball as well as pass it, he’s going to put up big numbers.

Guess what?  He’s willing to run the ball now.

Stevan Ridley, New England Patriots running back, is worthy of a start. It can be feast or famine with a Patriots halfback, but I can see Ridley punching in at least one short TD, if not more, against a mediocre Miami rushing defense.

Joseph Randle, Dallas Cowboys running back, should get the start if he is on your team. He actually didn’t look too bad replacing Demarco Murray last week and against a shaky Detroit run defense, he’ll find some room.

Tony Romo is having a career year passing the ball which will open things up for Randle, whose upside could be even greater if he makes a few catches out of the backfield or gets a goal-line carry.

Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers running back, is another player that you should think about starting. I’m a die-hard Vikings fan and I’ll tell you straight up:  a Pop Warner football team could run, pass or do whatever it so chooses against the Vikings defense.

I didn’t even know Peyton Hillis was still alive, yet there he was Monday night, scoring a touchdown and plodding his way through this abysmal defense.  After a big performance last week, you’re starting Lacy, period.

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos wide receiver, could also get the nod. There will be plenty of work to go around for the Denver receivers in what could turn out to be a shootout.  If you’re a betting man, you’re putting your money on Decker scoring at least once.

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins tight end, should start this week. He is able to put up points and he has chemistry with RGIII.  I’m starting Reed over anyone who isn’t named Graham, Gronkowski or Cameron.

The San Francisco 49ers defense and special teams take on the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.  Need I say more?

If you’re in a tight spot, I like Michael Vick – if he’s healthy enough to play. Jacquizz Rodgers will still get his looks even with Steven Jackson coming back.

Pick up Percy Harvin if you can; but in the meantime, I don’t mind Sidney Rice who could possibly score this weekend. Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria could both get a TD in favorable matchup, and the Packers defense and special teams could be a nice play.

On the other hand, you need to watch out for Eli Manning. The matchup looks enticing, but Manning is just all over the place and his receivers aren’t doing him too many favors.

I wonder if Hakeem Nicks could catch a cold – actually, I’ll leave the cheesy punch line out on this one.

Andy Dalton, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, is also a player to beware of.  He’s coming off a great performance, but don’t get too cute with “Red” Dalton here.

He’s facing a Jets team that just stifled Tom Brady and Co.  Also, a good chunk of the Bengals passing stats came off blown coverage’s.

Lamar Miller, Miami Dolphins running back, worries me also. The Dolphins just don’t make much sense.

They came out in Week 7 with the mindset that Daniel Thomas was the better back, which resulted in mediocre fantasy points all around.  You just can’t count on this backfield until the situation is resolved.

C.J. Spiller, Buffalo Bills running back, is another player that you should sit this week. Chances are, you have to start him, but what a joke his season has been so far.

Coach Doug Marrone says it has to do with an ankle injury, which is nowhere near 100 percent currently.

Greg Jennings, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, should be left off your roster this week with Josh Freeman at the helm; this passing offense is a joke to say the least.

And finally, steer clear of Vincent Jackson, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver. He has a rookie tossing him the ball, and he’s facing a Carolina D that is top-notch this year.



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