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Perks of having no one to talk to about TV series

Being excited about something and having no one to talk to about it is one of the most irritating feelings I’ve experienced since everyone came back to school.

Over the summer I got caught up on this show called “Supernatural” that I kept hearing about. I managed to binge watch all eight seasons of the show over the course of the summer.

For those of you who don’t know, that’s an average of 22 episodes per season, each lasting about 45 minutes long. I had a lot of free time then.

Those were the days.

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Anyway, I told a few of my friends about the show and that they should watch it if they get the chance. I had hoped that once they had gotten back, I’d be able to at least talk to one person about the show and not feel so alone as a fan.

That did not happen. My friends actually had lives and important things to do with them.

I’m not saying that I expected every single one of my friends to immediately log on to their parents’ Netflix account and watch every single episode of “Supernatural” as I did, but I had hoped that maybe one person would have watched a few episodes so that when I freak out about something I see – whether it be a trailer for the new season or an announcement that the season premiere is going to be moved up – someone could share in my excitement.

Instead, I act like a fan girl while my friends stare at me and pretend to be excited. It’s less than amusing.

Now, I feel weird talking about it and it’s not as though I’m going to tell my friends to start watching it now that school’s started and they’ve got exams to study for, papers to write and clubs and organizations to participate in.

So I get to be the person who annoys my roommates by cuddling up to the television wrapped up in a blanket, guzzling down pop, eating popcorn and screaming every time something exciting or horrible happens.

At least that’s how I felt for the first few weeks of this school year.

Last week when I was in the production of “Macbeth,” the assistant stage manager of the show was backstage helping me get ready while I was ranting about something, and I mentioned something about “Supernatural” and she looked at me with the, “You watch that show too?!” expression and I became so excited, I literally screamed.

Seriously, my director and several other people had to call up to the girls’ dressing room and ask if everything was OK.

While having no one to talk to about something you really like can be one of the most irritating feelings I’ve experienced, finally finding someone who also really likes the same thing is one of the most exciting feelings in the world.

So now I get someone else to eat popcorn with and scream at the awesome and terrifying moments of the ninth and final season of “Supernatural.”



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  • J

    jigsawverbiageSep 27, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Lol! I hear you my dear. Even though I saw the show when it launched back in 2005, I was into something else at the time that SPN was on so I didn’t catch on then. Then last New’s Years (2012), I was home, saw some weekday back-to-back episodes, remembered I had a light interest, recorded a few more during the week then something clicked. The last time I fell that hard for anything ever was when my future husband and i started talking. This was seriously like falling in love all over again and I have NEVER felt this way about any show in my life and I am 42 years old, my dear. (Lots of us fanwomen out there, if you didn’t catch on already. lol) I felt precisely what you did. I was ALL ALONE. All the Internet searching wasn’t enough. I found a great site to hang out on but that was still not enough. I had people at my job I talked to about all sorts of shows but no one had seen this one. One friend liked the same kind of stuff I did so I told her to just try it. She did. Bam! She fell as hard as I did. I had myself a convert and like you, I was so excited to finally have someone in person to gush with.
    I tell you, there is something written into the script that clearly has us all under a spell. I’m glad you found your soulmate in Supernatural. It adds to the fun of it all. And for sure they are on through at least season 10, but I suspect that season will be the final as it should be. They have families now and probably need to do things a little differently. Plus I don’t know about you, but I adore Jensen and I want him to have the chance to do bigger roles. He could certainly handle it and I will follow him all the way.

  • R

    Robin VogelSep 26, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    This might not be the final season of Supernatural! They might go on for several more. Love, Robin