Eighth Buble album as good as the first seven

I’m pretty sure Michael Bublé is one of those people who just never ages.

You know what I’m talking about. That tall, dark and handsome who has stayed just as tall, dark and handsome since you first saw him 10 years ago; not a freckle out of place? That’s Bublé.

Oh, this is supposed to be about his music? Well then it’s a good thing the metaphor applies to his new album, too.

Bublé’s eighth studio album, “To Be Loved,” was released in the United States on Tuesday.

The first single off the album, “It’s a Beautiful Day,” reached as high as No. 12 on some U.S. charts after it was first released in February. The song stands out on the album as one of the less jazzy singles, featuring a strong drum beat and synthesizer. Of course, it wouldn’t be Bublé if there weren’t a strong brass section in the background, but it’s more subtle in this song than many others.

Plus the song sports an overall delightful message, repeating such cheerful lyrics as “I can’t stop myself from smiling” and “if I’m drinking then I’m buying.”

OK, this guy is definitely a keeper.

“It’s a Beautiful Day” is also one of the best songs on the album because it’s one of the few, as per usual for Bublé, that isn’t a cover. He was actually the one to make it famous.Well, at least known in more than four households across the world. Let’s not get crazy.

That’s not to say, though, that Bublé’s covers aren’t good, because they are. He has a somewhat unique ability to make old songs sound good – dare I say, even better than the original – every time. It’s probably why he’s still in business after eight albums.

Notable covers to be found on “To Be Loved” include “Come Dance with Me,” “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” and the ever-classic “You’ve Got A Friend in Me.”

Yeah, you read that right. He’s even delving into the Disney scene now.

Except he isn’t talking about Buzz Lightyear. Bublé takes the innocent “Toy Story” song, originally performed by Randy Newman, and applies it to a more intimate relationship, adding subtle twists to make his intentions clear.

You go, Michael Bublé.

Finally, another notable aspect of this new album is Bublé’s guest stars. Sadly, Randy Newman wasn’t able to make an appearance, but that didn’t stop Reese Witherspoon.

No, that’s not a joke about her recent arrest for disorderly conduct – did you hear about that? – she’s actually singing a duet with Bublé on his new album.

Yet she keeps a steady alto harmony going throughout “Something Stupid,” and her addition makes it one of the better songs on the album. Nothing disorderly about that performance.

Other guest appearances on “To Be Loved” include Bryan Adams and The Puppini Sisters, none of whom have been arrested lately, to my knowledge.

While Bublé pulls out all the same old tricks in this new album, he does so in the classy way only a jazz musician can. If you’ve enjoyed his past albums, you’re sure to like this one too.



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