Students compete in film contest

In the mid-1980s, Carnegie Mellon University formed C-CUE, an outgrowth of the Benedum Regional College Computer Enrichment Program.  Their website states that a grant was received to “organize an educational computing association of small, regional undergraduate, teaching-oriented colleges and universities.”  In 1992, the C-CUE took a new shape and became a “non-staffed, member-driven, professional organization.”

Today, the C-CUE is “a regional association of colleges and universities committed to developing and expanding the appropriate use of computing and other information technologies in undergraduate education.”

For about 20 years, Behrend has been a member of the Consortium for Computing in Undergraduate Education.  C-CUE governing board representative for Behrend, Ron Hoffman, said it was brought to Behrend because “we wanted more student involvement and came up with the student forum idea.”  The C-CUE student forum is held every spring, for any students who take interests, and this year is taking a new route as a film contest.  “In the past, students have made live presentations.

“Because of issues with travel, we decided this year to try the video format.  It is an ‘experiment.’  We’ll see how it goes.  If it is a success then we will go with videos again next year.”

The only criteria for participating require that the film relate to an IT process.  The entry form states, “Express a creative technological based solutions to a real world problem.”  Hoffman states a few presentations in the past, when presented live, were “innovative photo gallery viewer; a cost analyzer; sports management simulator and safety science simulator.”

The governing board members from each of the colleges become the judges that meet in Grove City College April 26 to review the videos together and vote.  The C-CUE cash prizes have budgeted a minimum $1,000 that will be divided up after the presentations are judged.  Hoffman encourages any students interested to submit their videos as soon as possible because the deadline is Monday.



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