AlumKnights: Alumni connect with students

The Gannon University Alumni Association’s National Board has been hard at work on many initiatives over the past few months.

One of our most important goals is to connect with the current Gannon students, a.k.a. our future alumni.  A relationship between alumni and the student body can create invaluable experiences for both parties.

The alumni have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are willing to share with you, and we love to hear about your student experiences as well.  We have two exciting opportunities coming up to grow the connection between alumni and students.

The National Alumni Board and the Student Government Association have been working on a joint initiative and we are pleased to announce our very first Alumni and Senior Class Networking Event on Friday  from 7-9 p.m. in Room 219 of the Waldron Campus Center.

This event is our opportunity to congratulate the graduating class while providing a forum to hone your professional socializing skills and broaden your personal network.

Learning to effectively network can help create opportunities in your life and career.

We look forward to this evening where seniors will develop an important skill and build relationships with successful alumni on a personal level.

The second initiative is very exciting for us as well.

All seniors were invited to apply for an award that welcomes a very deserving senior to the next chapter of the Gannon University experience.

The Inspiration for the Next Generation is awarded to a senior who has shown excellence in many areas during his or her undergraduate career.

The National Alumni Board chooses a recipient whom we feel will continue to be a leader with the alumni association.

I am honored to be part of the National Alumni Board.  The spirit of leadership, excellence and fun (all things that were part of our student college experience) is exemplified on this board and throughout the alumni association.

We thank all of the applicants who recognized their potential to continue to contribute to the Gannon community through the alumni association.

We will be honored to welcome in the recipient of this award at the Founder’s Day ceremony on May 10.

The alumni association would like to wish all students continued success in your endeavors at Gannon University.

Watch for next month’s AlumKnights from past alumni association president, Dana Kennedy Fallon, Esq. ’91, who will share tips on how you can score valuable discounts all while supporting the alumni association’s Legacy “Power” Scholarship.



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This is the second in a series of monthly articles written by a member of the Gannon University Alumni Association to appear in The Gannon Knight.