President: Shane Cowan

Why are you running for SGA president?

Two reasons. One is that students don’t really know a lot about SGA. It’s supposed to be a representation of the students, but from my standpoint – and I can attest to this too – it’s really the students in SGA. And I think that’s something that needs to be changed; the students need to have more input. We try to do HUMP days, surveys for students and stuff, but they don’t really know what goes on. And the only input they have at meetings is through Students’ Voice, and rarely do people show up for that, so that’s one of the big reasons. Another was actually the article that [The Knight] wrote about the provost that was hired last semester – and [The Knight] kind of put it on a piece of paper for me. Students really don’t care about those issues and it really hit me home because I do care, and a lot of people in SGA care. It made it clear that students need to be more involved; students need to want to participate in Gannon and the pride that Gannon students should have.

What are your goals if elected president of SGA?

To get students involved. Mike Haas, over the week he put in a good document on his blog about how in student government, the president is at the top and the students are all at the bottom, and it should be the other way around. He suggested the idea of an upper house, which consisted of students who weren’t SGA representatives – it’s a larger group, more representative of the students; just things that can get people involved in student government. Especially because people pay that $58 SGA/APB fee and some people have no idea where it goes. So just getting information like that out there is another thing. I also wanted to implement high-five days, because you see a lot of people walking around with their headphones in and hoods up, and that sprung the idea of everyone just going around and giving everyone high-fives. It promotes happiness on campus; being friendly. We should feel that way in our community – we should be able to go up to somebody and say hi.

Why did you get involved with SGA?

A lot of my friends were involved in it. And I’m really busy, and I like that feeling. I like to have other responsibilities as well. I have a big passion for PKA, and I’ve been a really dedicated member. I can take that experience elsewhere. I think with a different organization, you get a  different perspective for those leadership experiences.

What have you accomplished in your time on SGA so far?

Other than just being a participant in my committees and stuff, I haven’t really done much myself, but I’ve been a helping force. Just participating and having somebody’s back. One other thing I’ve accomplished is I’ve been invited to two university committees: First is the paperwork reduction; we’re working on administrative paperwork reduction. We’re looking at 10-12 documents that are on paper that the administration uses that have to get filed throughout campus to get signatures and stuff; we’re automating that. So it’s saving paper, saving time, making things more efficient. And the other is the Morosky Dean Search Committee. We’re reviewing  applicants, interviewing; that sort of thing. So I was proud to be invited by Dr. Masters for the dean committee, just because I have a background in science – it’s my major – and I’m a student government rep. I was really proud to be invited to that to represent SGA.

Is there anything else you want the student body to know about you?

Say hi to me. I’m a friendly person – I’m friends with everyone. Try to have that same mindset. And get involved with it – get involved with the clubs. From my personal experience at Gannon, it’s what you get out of it – I’m putting in the time and effort to be in the position; to be in different clubs and organizations and stuff like that. I’ve gotten a lot out of it, and I think other people can attest that they get a lot out of it too.



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