Treasurer: Taylor Shaffer

Previous SGA experience:

Treasurer: 2012-13  Freshman Class Chair: 2011-12

Why are you running for Treasurer again?

This year I wouldn’t say I struggled, but I did learn a lot of things that I didn’t necessarily know last year when I was running. I feel like next year I can make some changes that would benefit SGA and I’ve had the experience so I know what I’m doing now and I can get things done quicker and more efficiently.

Is there anything specific you learned in your first year that will help you next year?

I’m going to try to make funding requests simpler.

Whenever people turn them in, you have to check them thoroughly because they don’t always like to do everything that’s on the form. I thought they were pretty straightforward, but sometimes they don’t come out that way. I just need to work on communication with the clubs.

Any new or different goals this time around?

For SGA, I don’t want to say that we just spend money all the time, because we don’t. But one goal, I would say, is for us to really think, “Should this be something SGA is funding?” It’s always for students, it always benefits them, but should it be SGA or should someone else be funding it? That’s something we need to work on as a whole.

You’re running unopposed. Is this a job few volunteer for, or are you just really good at it?

I honestly don’t know. The previous treasurer ran unopposed in her second year, too. [The other candidates] knew I was going to run for it again and, I don’t want to say that scared them off, but they know I already did it once, so they’re like, “She knows what’s she’s doing.” I think people do realize how much work it is and I’m not sure if they want to put in that much time. Mine’s usually, give or take, three to five hours a week.

Anything else you’d like the student body to know?

I’m a very organized and responsible person. Nothing has gone wrong this year, at least not to my knowledge. I do work really hard — I’m an accounting major, so I do have a background in this stuff. It’s also helping me in my classes because I do purchase orders and check requisitions for the clubs, and those will come up in class and I’m like, “Oh, OK, I know what that’s like.”



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