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Secretary: Adriani Cherico

What do the committees you’re a part of do?

The food and service board would meet with Metz (Culinary Management) to discuss what type of food they provide, any issues they may have and ways to improve service.

Why did you decide to run for secretary?

I decided to run for secretary because I think it’s a really neat position I could execute well because the responsibilities include things such as organizing information and keeping attendance. I feel like I’m a really organized person and I enjoy keeping tabs on people and organizing events for SGA.

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What are your goals if you were to be elected as secretary?

Well, one of the key components I would like to fix is the attendance policy. I think the policies for accepting excuses are too lenient and I sometimes begin to wonder whether or not the excuses given by people are viable. Another thing I would like to change would be the way office hours are recorded because it’s a bit confusing right now. Currently the SGA office has a board with a sign-in sheet posted.  Instead of just writing your name down and what hours you worked, I would like to have  people write timeslots on the board where they can write their name, in order to avoid a random estimate of time spent in the office and to keep people more accountable.

Why did you decide to get involved in SGA?

I was involved with student council when I was in high school and I found SGA to be similar to that.  When I came to Gannon, I wanted to be a voice on campus and make a difference.  I also decided to join SGA because it is a great group of people to be a part of because they are so active in the Gannon community and they participate in other clubs and organizations. SGA has helped me to be more involved on campus and it has also helped me to settle in as a freshman and to meet new people who then helped me to become more involved in other clubs and organizations.

What have you accomplished as a part of SGA ?

As a part of SGA, I organized the group’s involvement in Hunger and Homelessness Week that happened in November. I helped to organize events and the activities that made up the week and I also helped to put together the basket that was put on display in Waldron for the penny wars. During this I had to either collect items for donation for the SGA basket, or collect donations to help buy an item from those who couldn’t donate something.

Is there anything you would like the student body to know about you?

I feel as though I am qualified for the secretarial position on SGA’s executive board and that I am organized enough to be able to handle the responsibilities that it entails.



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