Vice President of Clubs: Patrice Swick

Why are you running for the position of Vice President of Clubs and Organizations?

I chose this position because I believe that it gives me the chance to achieve my goal in unifying the clubs and organizations on campus and getting everybody involved.

Do you have any previous SGA experience?

I’ve never actually been a part of SGA, but I have worked on Unity Week and am working on Gannon’s Ongoing Leadership Development (GOLD) Conference in April with them.

What are your goals if you were to be elected to the position?

I would love to see our leadership for the student development grow. The students have so many ideas but a lot of them believe that the university doesn’t have the proper sources to support these ideas. So with the leadership conference and Unity Week I would love to see leaders emerge everywhere from Gannon and I would love to see the university become more one and unified. Also, this is the first year we did Unity Week, and it was awesome seeing it evolve and come into being. I would love to get it to evolve into something students look forward to every year with the leadership conference too.

Why did you decide to get involved with SGA?

I believe SGA has such a great influence around campus and they can do great many things. Being unofficially involved with them, like I said earlier, made me realize that I want to officially be involved with them just to add to the campus and give back to the students. I have so many ideas to bring to campus, too.

What leadership roles have you assumed?

I co-led an alternative spring break trip to Newland, N.C., just recently, among my other campus activities I mentioned earlier.

Is there anything else you’d like the student body to know about you?

I am truly passionate about supporting the students in anything and everything they wish to achieve. I have grown to love Gannon; it has become a second home to me and I would love to see it reach its full potential through the students.



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