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Staff appreciates email responses

What else do I have to do to get a response?

All of us on The Knight’s editorial board have suffered from that sense of desperation when  sources for a story ignore our attempts to contact them.

Our complaint has nothing to do with sources who have little to no interest in being the subject of or the source in a story.

We appreciate responses, even if it’s a polite “no” instead of the “yes” we’d like to hear.

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It’s decent, common courtesy, or at least it should be.

Let’s allow for one confession on our part: we at The Knight realize that communication isn’t always a smooth, two-way road.

We’re all only human after all. Sometimes that midterm takes priority over everything else vying for your attention.

And it’s also no stretch to imagine that our editors project their habits onto the rest of the campus community.

We’re plugged in, always checking our emails, smartphones, what have you, because we need to stay abreast of what’s happening on campus, as well as keep in constant communication with each other in order to make this outfit something we can be proud of.

But all we ask is a little communicative effort in return. We cannot adequately report on Gannon University’s happenings without our sources.

And if we can’t do that, then the newstand issue would be worthless to anyone seeking to be informed.

Even if The Knight drops you a message, and you have absolutely zero interest in what we have in mind, please send a reply telling us so.

That way, we can spend our time looking elsewhere, or brainstorming a new story idea, instead of hoping that you’ll acknowledge our requests before our deadlines.

It doesn’t take much to contact us.

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