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Beyoncé is taking on country genre.
Beyoncé is going country
February 23, 2024

Walk the Moon’s new EP shorter than ‘Tightrope’

Walk The Moon has given its fans another dose of alternative music with its new EP “Tightrope.”

Most known for the hit “Anna Sun,” Walk the Moon released a new EP Jan. 22. Named after a song from the band’s previous self-titled album, “Tightrope” gives fans a small taste of Walk the Moon and will leave them wanting more.

However, there are more words in this sentence than songs on the EP. There are more letter in “Tightrope” than there are songs on this EP.

The opening song “Tightrope” gives fans a nice intro to the rest of the EP and also presents them with something to compare the acoustic version of the song to. It has an upbeat rock feeling that makes you tap your foot and bob your head.

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While “anywayican” has a bit more of a relaxed beat to it, the lyrics are exactly what would be expected of a song titled as such.

It almost seems as if there are no spaces or breaths between the words.

The relaxed music complements the lyrics well so that listeners aren’t too overwhelmed by trying to listen to the words, separate them and listen to an incredibly upbeat rhythm.

Near the end of the song, the words become more distinguished and the rhythm becomes more intense.

The band did a splendid job  balancing music with lyrics.

“Tete-A-Tete,” which translates to “head-to-head,” is unfortunately one of the shorter songs on the album.

It is also the song that best encompasses the style of Walk the Moon.

This song has an upbeat rhythm with an alternative sound and an electric sound that very few other bands can pull off.

The lyrics, which may confuse people, make a lot more sense once you know how to translate the title. Why they didn’t just name it “Head-To-Head” is the band’s own personal choice.

The only downside of the song is that it seems to be over too quickly and the ending comes out of the blue.

“Drunk in the Woods,” while very intense and while the title and the song match incredibly well, is not one of the best songs Walk the Moon has released.

Some of the instrumental at the beginning and in the middle is a bit overpowering to the song, but then again, so might being in the state of the song title.

Other than that, “Drunk in the Woods” was well-produced and well-written. It’s not the first song people would immediately skip in their music library.

The acoustic version of “Tightrope” had similar qualities of its predecessor; however, the song was much more relaxed and seemed more of something you would listen to when unwinding from a long day, not as you are about to go to a concert.

Another interesting thing about the acoustic version is the clarity in which the harmony comes through, which can be heard in the original version, but it requires more attentive listening. Also, the added circus sound effects were a cool touch to the idea of “walking a tightrope.”

Lastly, the live cover of “Burning Down the House” is a great conclusion to the EP. Originally made famous by the band The Talking Heads, the song was not only performed well by Walk the Moon, but the band adds its own twist to the song.

It’s not very often that a band will put a live track on an album and it’s also really interesting to hear what a band sounds like live compared to in a recording studio.

Like “Tete-A-Tete,” EP seems to be over before it begins. Granted, most EPs only have about six or seven songs all together, but the ending of “Tightrope” can leave fans wondering where the rest of the songs are and anxious for the next album.

Which, that’s the goal of an album, in the long run.

Overall, Walk the Moon’s new EP receives five stars. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the band won’t release another album for a long time.



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