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February 23, 2024

Editor questions student readership, begs feedback

The amount of time we spend at The Gannon Knight office at 7th and Peach Streets varies from one week to another, but it averages around eight or nine hours every Tuesday night.

These nights portray the gist of the weekly hours spent setting up appointments and interviewing faculty, staff and students, who may sometimes be less than willing to cast their say about the issue at hand at the time.

This newspaper is produced mainly by nine permanent staff members, in addition to the devoted writers and contributors, who have a lot to share with those willing to read.

However, when I think of the numbers put into the weekly creation of The Gannon Knight, I can’t help but wonder about the numbers the newspaper serves. The question “how many people will read this?” is one that always seems to surface in our minds.

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Every Tuesday, I and eight other people wake up early in the morning and prepare ourselves for the day coming ahead, and it’s always full of thrill and joy. However, these thoughts are also usually accompanied by doubts on how influential the work we put in is.

Personally, I enjoy writing for the college newspaper every week, in spite of the time it demands. What I do not enjoy, however, is hearing someone say they have never read the newspaper, or don’t know when and where to pick it up, when it’s delivered to newspaper stands in virtually every building on campus.

The only frustration that comes with writing stories for The Knight stems from the doubt of its accessibility, reach and influence on campus.

I, and the other staff members, realize the weekly production is far from perfect, and that room for improvement will always exist. However, we are out of sorts as to how to fix it, as very few people seem to offer suggestions or positive feedback.

If you are reading this – liking it (hopefully) or not – please make an effort to send us feedback, so we can make an effort to serve you and make your reading experience as enjoyable as our writing one is.

Part of having a college newspaper is to allow for the students to have their voices heard, so please, have your voice heard at least to the staff of The Gannon Knight, and we will be sure to pass it along.

Creating this issue is not an easy task to do, but your contribution – be it positive or negative – may in all probability make the job a bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable.

There are several ways you can share your thoughts about this week’s issue, for instance. Send an email to the editor-in-chief, or stop to talk to an editor in Waldron, or better yet, write a letter to the editor and send it our way.

Have your say in this production, like we strive to have ours.



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