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MidKnight event diversifies menu

The most anticipated evening of the semester is almost upon us.

The night where all Gannon students are invited to partake in the semiannual finals ritual of feasting on breakfast food for dinner, the MidKnight Pancake Breakfast.

The selection of pancakes, eggs and sausage all served up hot by Gannon faculty is one way to help suspend the end-of-term stress for an hour or so and just unwind with two of life’s greatest comforts: friends and food.

Not necessarily in that order.

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But one of the other aspects of the tradition that makes it so welcoming is just that: the tradition.

The familiarity we students have developed is about to be thrown into the blender, literally, as the scope of our late-night breakfast is set to expand into the realm of steaks, shakes and cakes.

While this is just a trial program, we at The Knight can’t help but be a little anxious to see if the new menu items will detract from the original, time-tested selection.

While this may seem to be a trivial worry, we take the pancake breakfast pretty seriously.

It’s not that we don’t trust the culinary skills of our faculty, and, let’s face it, the quality of the food really doesn’t matter to ravenous college students with perpetually thin wallets.

It’s more of the fact that we find it tough to imagine a plate of pancakes and sirloin where the syrup and A-1 sauce are running together, creating a heinous mixture of sweet and savory that probably would be less than ideal.

But then again, steak and eggs can be a pretty killer combination.

So we reserve the right to pass judgment on the new addition to the MidKnight Pancake Breakfast until we get the chance to see what it’s all about.

All that we ask is that there is enough for second helpings.

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