One Direction’s new album lives up to hype

One Direction’s new album is appropriately named “Take Me Home.”

It can best be described as a puppy in an animal shelter with eyes that beg the same thing.

“Take Me Home” is very sweet, cute and something that lots of girls around the country will bug their parents to get them for the holiday season, like a puppy.

Also, after listening to the album several times over a few weeks, parents and neighbors would get a little bit tired of hearing it.

In September, One Direction won three Video Music Awards, so a lot of hype will surround this album.

One Direction’s new album will most likely appeal to teenage/tween girls and nostalgic Backstreet Boys and ‘N  Sync fans. The group truly embodies this decade’s “boy band.”

The first song of the album and its first single is titled “Live While We’re Young.”

Before even listening to this song, it’s easy to tell that the meaning behind it is going to be you only live once, or “YOLO” – a new tacky way of saying “Carpe diem.”

Despite this, the song had an upbeat tempo, seems to be a fun song to listen to at the end of a day and like most songs by One Direction, it’s incredibly catchy.

One thing – get it – that people may not recognize about this song is that it samples ‘80s hit “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” Later in the album, the song “Rock Me,” samples one of Queen’s most famous songs, “We Will Rock You.”

Most 13-year-olds who buy this album will not recognize this. Every college student should.

Sampling music can be OK when used in moderation. One Direction utilized this technique well, but it should not be used twice from the same time period on the same album.

With the music industry today, we need all of the originality we can get because it seems as though almost every song sounds the same.

One Direction fans will recognize the sort of sing-stuttering the band used in “What Makes You Beautiful” in the song “Change My Mind.”

One song that stood out from the rest of the album was called “Little Things,” which talks about all of the flaws this girl has, but One Direction still loves her.

“Little Things,” unlike most songs by One Direction, is definitely not the type of song that anyone would try to woo a girl with after throwing rocks at her window.

In fact, such an action would more than likely cause a girl to throw rocks at the windows of your car with the intention of breaking them.

All the same, it shows variety, which is good.

A song that sort of followed the theme, but was still good in a cute, romantic kind of way, is “Last First Kiss,” which says to the unidentifiable girl “I want to be your last first kiss.”

Sure, it’s incredibly cliché and less than realistic, but it has a sweet concept compared to several Top 40 songs performed by male artists.

Aside from this, most of the songs on “Take Me Home” follow the same theme.  It has songs about getting the girl, songs about losing the girl and songs about missing a girl. It can be compared to a boy band version of every Taylor Swift album released.

As a matter of fact, One Direction’s “I Would” has a similar theme as “You Belong With Me.”

“Take Me Home” will not be an album you want to buy if you are looking for something different or something deep and meaningful. However if you’re looking for something with a boy band sound that makes you want to dance, this is the album for you.

Whether it’s because of teenage fandom or boy band nostalgia, One Direction’s “Take Me Home” is bound to fly off the shelves.



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