Experience ‘Stage Fright’ at Scottino Psychiatric Hospital

The spooky nights of All Hallows Eve are nearly here.

The walking dead were out Tuesday and the zombie nation was busy distributing flyers that promote this weekend’s third annual Stage Fright.

The event was planned out and is now set in stone.  Gannon’s Schuster Theatre will host its haunted house next week, and this is a scary fun time.

Stage Fright’s first year lacked attendance – there was a whopping 20 people.

The next year the Rev. Shawn Clerkin said it quadrupled, with more than 200 attendees.

This year is anticipated to attract even more.

The theme last year was “Dark Fairy Tales.” It included an interactive spiritual encounter, where guests came face to face with the spirits of their long-forgotten, distant, twice-removed, great-great-grandfathers.

Several students will be working on the scene design and the art work began a week ago, all while the performance of the “Lives of the Saints” was being shown at the same venue.

The fact that this was going on is no surprise to theater people because this is exactly what goes on: one show will end as another one is being formed.

The reaction to the past two years has been well-received and the hope that another one being put on has been the talk of the town.

Well, your wish is our command, as the saying goes. This year’s theme promises to send you searching for loved ones not yet dead but confined to a jacket, and not because it is cold.

Scottino Hall is said to be inhabited by a ghost named George. George will be afoot with all his other cronies who will attempt to scare the holy bejeezus out of you.

Friday and Saturday’s event is open to the public and to the Gannon community.

Be sure to enter through the elevator lobby and proceed up to meet your shrink.

There are different rooms with different themes and visitors should be prepared to see anything.

Admission is $2 and more information is available at the Schuster Theatre’s Facebook page.



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