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Insurance reflects Catholic teachings

As a Catholic university, Gannon is often faced with a dilemma when it comes to its identity: Are we foremost a Catholic university, or is our core that of a university seeking to provide the best educational experience possible, regardless of faith?

In a perfect world, Gannon is both. But situations do arise in which we have to choose.

We saw this issue four years ago, when Hilary Clinton spoke at what was then Mercyhurst College. Because Clinton was a pro-choice politician, her campaigning at Mercyhurst was frowned upon by the Erie diocese.

Many students attending Mercyhurst at the time opposed that viewpoint, however, saying that Mercyhurst was foremost a university, and its students should be invited to learn from Clinton.

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Years later, an issue regarding health-insurance coverage of abortions has come up at Gannon, putting the same ideas into perspective. The line between religion and education can be fine in situations such as the Clinton one, but when it comes to making actual decisions, there really is no question which path the university should follow.

Recent changes to the university-provided health insurance plan indicate that elective abortions will not be covered by Gannon’s health insurance under any circumstances, whereas previously they had been allowed in limited situations.

A university spokeswoman said the change in coverage was due to a fluke in the original agreement with the insurance broker; she said elective abortions are against the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, and therefore should not be covered by Gannon’s insurance.

Gannon’s health insurance issue clearly blows the Clinton controversy out of the water.

This is where Gannon’s Catholicism takes precedence.

Regardless of our personal beliefs and opinions, the Gannon community should respect the moral obligations of Gannon as a Catholic institution.

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