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Beyoncé is taking on country genre.
Beyoncé is going country
February 23, 2024

Country trio releases eighth studio album

Rascal Flatts released their eighth studio album, “Changed,” Tuesday, April 3. The album consists of 11 songs, including four additional tracks.

“Changed” is an album that is very different from the taste of music and lyrics that Rascal Flatts is known for.

The trio’s latest song “Banjo” is listed at the top of the album and is a song that is well-known to country countdowns and radio listeners today.

The song is fast–paced, while describing that a person can only find country music out in the middle of nowhere, past creeks, shacks, crickets and frogs until you hit a dirt road.

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“Changed,” the album’s title song hits home to those who want to make a difference in their life with others and with God.

Lead singer Gary Levox wrote this song to set the tone for the album.

Levox and his brother, Jay DeMarcus, and his cousin, Joe Don Rooney, sing about how a person can make mistakes and turn away from following God, but in the end they can change and make things right.

The song’s lyrics and strong instrumentals give off chills running down a person’s back.

Rascal Flatts includes a variety of upbeat and slow songs on “Changed,” the majority of them about love.

The song “Let it Hurt” explains that when someone is broken–hearted the best way to overcome the pain and sadness is to go through the mess.

The chorus of “Let it Hurt” brings out the meaning of the song when Levox sings, “Let it take you right down to your knees, let it burn to the worst degree, it may not be what you want but it’s what you need, sometimes the only way around it is to let love do its work, so go on, let it hurt.”

Another great upbeat song is “Right on Time.” This love song makes you want to jump on your feet and dance around with your significant other.

Levox sings about how crazy love acts like a hopeless dream toward people who just don’t get it right, but there are others who are lucky from the beginning who find love on the very first try.

There’s a special instrumental moment in “Right On Time” when Levox is singing acoustic with the acoustic guitar streaming in the background.

“Changed” wouldn’t be complete if Rascal Flatts did not include a few songs about a girl, including “Hot in Here.”

The drums and electric guitars are clear to hear in the background as the group sings about a girl and a boy sitting in a truck together and the boy not being able to get enough of how this girl looks in her sundress with her golden suntan.

He’s doing everything he can to keep his cool, but he can’t concentrate due to the inside of the truck steaming.

Rascal Flatts recorded another hit album that includes numerous hits for all types of people to relate to.



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