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Knight Vision

If The Knight is assessing the university on its new grading scale, we’re giving it a C.

Excuse me, I’m sorry; it’s actually a C-minus nowadays. You’re not such a big fan of the grading scale now, are you?

While our grade of the university’s new policy is worth a little less than diddly squat, the same can’t be said about the grades of countless students that are about to suffer when the plan is implemented in the fall semester.

The implementation of pluses and minuses is said to help students. Taking that statement as truth could be considered blind faith.

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Now students, many of whom are stretched beyond their means already, are going to have to put in extra hours in the library just to keep the status quo. It particularly hurts those in pre-professional majors – the popular ones on campus – and other courses of study that require students to keep a certain GPA to stay in their program.

It seems like getting nine out of 10 questions right is no longer worth a 4.0. Apparently now, you’ll have to answer about 9 1/2 questions correctly out of every 10 you’re asked. Since when did Gannon change its tagline to “Believe in the Impossibilities”?

Although other schools have similar systems, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit for this university with this kind of student composition. Like when we were kids, just because all the cool people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Beyond allegedly helping students, the new scale is intended to make things easier on professors by eliminating the grading differences between undergraduate and graduate courses while making the transferring process easier.

Now while both reasons may make sense, it’s important for people to recognize the student’s point of view. Changing the entire grading scale to iron out problems that a large majority of students will never face makes it a tough sell to many at the university.

But hey, if you can successfully make that sell, we’ll give you an A-plus in marketing.

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