Familiar country artist releases debut album

American Idol’s third runner-up during its ninth season, Casey James, released his first self-titled album Tuesday.

The Bucky Covington look-a-like’s first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night,” includes love lyrics and a variety of music such as pianos, electric guitars and drums.

This song gives all the right reasons for someone not to want to let go of the love of his or her life and to keep time standing still.

If you couldn’t picture any moment greater than what it is when it’s happening, why would anyone want to leave?

“The Good Life” is centered around a girl who makes life seem perfect when she is around her boyfriend.

There is nothing else that they both could want in life because their future is bright and looks happy when they’re together.

Also, everything that this girl does for her boyfriend, such as making him breakfast, makes him realize he’s grateful for what life has brought him.

The majority of James’ album is filled with fast-paced, rock ‘n’ roll songs, but those sad, slow-paced songs creep up throughout the 11 tracks.

“So Sweet” takes the toll on a boy who has dreamt about being with a girl who he thought was always out of his league.

James sings “So Sweet” acoustic by using a low-tone voice with his electric guitar. Just when you think the worst can happen, he gets the girl.

A country album wouldn’t be considered a “county album” if it didn’t include a song or two about drinking.

“Bulletproof” is about not stopping a man who’s had way too many drinks in his system.

He wants to be the center of attention out at dancehalls, clubs and house parties. No one can stop this energetic man from making a fool out of himself, even the girl he is trying to impress.

When working a full-time   job, it seems it takes over the rest of your life.

“Workin’ On It” describes the life of a blue-collar worker who never finds time to work on personal issues of his own life like fashion and women.

James’ band’s talent not only enhances this song with numerous musical instruments, but brings out the best in each song on the album.

James’ music and voice has a mix of country singers Jake Owens and Brantley Gilbert.

“Casey James” features numerous hits for past, present and future fans with any type of lyrical taste.



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