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Rock legend releases new album

He’s been rocking hard since 1969 and after all these years The Boss is back and better the ever.

He has sold more than 65 million albums in the U.S. and more than 120 million albums worldwide and it looks like there is no slowing down Springsteen.

While Bruce has made better albums than “Wrecking Ball,” it is easy to say that this feels like the most passionate album he has made in years.

You can tell by the energy in his voice that he is here to prove that he can still rock with the best of them.

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The first single on the album is a very solid one that did not transfer well on the Billboard chart placing the highest at No. 106 on the Billboard hot 100.

The song is a solid one but not one that I would have chosen for the lead single on the album.

The only thing that really holds this album back  is there are only 13.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, most people might see this as a good thing because he is not giving his fans too much to deal with at once.

The album was so good that it would have helped to have a few extra songs, but this is just a small complaint.

You can still tell that the hunger is there to top the work that he has done in the past and that is something that you can’t say about a lot of artists.

To see a guy who is 62 years of age but is still willing to put out quality material, it really speaks volumes to where he stands in the music industry as one of the greatest ever.

There are really no bad songs on this album. It felt like each song was made with quality and wasn’t one of those albums that is full of songs that are filler material.

Out of all the songs on this album the one that probably feels the most like it does not belong is “Easy Money.” The song overall just sounds bland and really does not grab your attention.

The passion that Springsteen delivers in the rest of the songs on this album far outweigh this song.

It just seems like the production is the main part that does not click on this song.

The song that grabs your attention the most in this album would be “Jack of All Trades.”

He really ends up telling a good story in this song, talking about someone who is part of a working class that isn’t going anywhere and near the end of the song he is reaching his wits’ end.

He points out in the song that someday the people who are below you now are the ones who could be above you and you might need those people in your life.

It really just hits home and is the most meaningful song when it comes to this album.

After this album it will be hard to find anyone who says Bruce still doesn’t have it. The Boss of Rock and Roll is back and is here to stay.



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