Country star releases sixth album to praise

Country superstar Craig Morgan released his sixth album “This Ole Boy” Tuesday, Feb. 28, which continues to let fans listen and relate to Morgan’s beliefs and personality.

From previous radio hits such as “Almost Home,” “International Harvester,” “Redneck Yacht Club” and “That’s What I Love About Sundays,” Morgan’s “This Ole Boy” album consists of 12 more powerful songs that Morgan helped produce with his label, Black River Music Group.

Morgan’s first hit single on his recent album is “This Ole Boy,” which can be heard on all country radio stations today.

His distinctive southern voice will have this upbeat song replaying in your head with its catchy lyrics and music.

“This Ole Boy” is a reminder of how lucky a country boy is to have his dream girl all to himself and she doesn’t mind that everything he is about is not perfect.

There’s no changing who Morgan is as a person in his song, “More Trucks than Cars.”

When traveling through cities, Morgan will always be in a southern state of mind.

Morgan reflects on there’s no place like out in the country where you know everybody’s name, the stars line up in the sky like city lights and responds with “Amen.”

As summertime is slowly approaching, Morgan’s song “Summer Moon” makes the sizzling weather want to roll in faster.

The song pictures two young lovers parked on a back road with a blanket, a radio and two Dixie cups on a tailgate with the moon beaming down, brightening everything around them.

Morgan’s album wouldn’t be complete if he didn’t include a few songs with some humor throughout the melodies.

“Fish Weren’t Bitin’” is the opposite of what someone might think the song means.

A girl was begging her boyfriend to take her fishing, but when he does take her, they don’t have any luck.

The fish weren’t biting because there were no fish in the water, the fish weren’t biting because her boyfriend didn’t bait the hook, in order to lay beside his girl in her two-piece along the riverbank with no interruptions.

As the majority of Morgan’s songs contain his thoughts on love, he never forgets about his faith.

In “Country Boys like Me,” Morgan shows how strong his relationship is with God by reflecting all of his blessings that He has given Morgan including family, nature, peace, dirt roads and farm barns.

This song makes a listener stop and think of how precious life is.

Morgan knows the good Lord is smiling down on him and everyone in this world.

“This Ole Boy” includes a wide variety of songs about love, fishing, drinking, God and the lifestyle of the country.

Morgan has written and recorded another successful album for both new and old fans.



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