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Tyga releases first album hit “Careless World”

“Rack City” is the way most people identify with the up and coming rapper Tyga.

Tyga has actually been in the rap scene for more than four years now, as he released his first album, “No Introduction” in 2008.

“No Introduction” performed very poorly on the charts, topping its highest at 112 on the Billboard charts. Most people would be disappointed with the way their album performed, but Tyga deserves credit – he was able to bounce back.

They say it only takes one hit to spark someone’s career and Tyga sure had lighting in a bottle with the song “Rack City.”

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Tyga’s newest CD is “Careless World: Rise From The Last King.” Unlike his first album thanks to the success of “Rack City,” his second album was able to debut at No. 4 selling more than 61,000 units – a huge improvement from his first album.

The album is very solid and is very well balanced. The one thing about rap albums these days is they’re very one-sided.

You either get great lyrics or great production – it is rare to get both. On this album it was a mix of both as the lyrics and production were both solid.

The best song on the album would have to be “Careless World.”  He really speaks from the heart on this track, talking about his rough upbringing and it really does hit home how hard he worked to get here.

“Careless World” is a great way to kick off the album because it shows that Tyga can stand on his own and is a smart choice to open up without a feature.

However, one of the things that really hurts this album is the number of features on the album.

While this technically speaking is his sophomore album no one really recognized him until he started releasing mixtapes and eventually came out with “Rack City.”

Impression is everything, especially when you’re new in the game, but “Careless World” shows that he knows how to stand out on his own.

“Rack City” is without a doubt the biggest reason Tyga blew up. While the song is critizcied by rap critics as repetitive, there is a lot of credit due in this song.

The beat is nothing short of amazing. If he wanted to, he could have repeated the chorus for the whole song and it would have been a hit.

Overall this first album was a huge success for Tyga. With his signing to Young Money/Cash Money Records, the sky’s the limit for what Tyga could bring to the rap game for years to come.



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