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Mac Miller releases debut album with praise

One of the hottest rappers out of Pittsburgh has arrived — Mac Miller delivers an album with a mixtape feel, the “Blue Slide Park.”

It seems like a trend in the past few years, because before Wiz Khalifa there hadn’t been many prominent rap stars from Pittsburgh in a long time.

Not only is Mac the newest rapper to come out of Pittsburgh, but he’s also among the up–and–coming stars in the genre.

In fact it was the first independent album to top the charts,– selling 145,000 copies in its first week–since Snoop Dogg did it with “The Dog Pounds Dogg Food” in 1995.

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Along with all that, he joins Drake as the only prominant Jewish rapper today.

Miller offers a different feel to the game than your average street rapper.

In fact he offers more of a party and softer feel to this album. Although this was released as an album, not a mixtape, the album had more of a mixtape feel throughout.

The reason for this is the production on the album is really lacking. Miller’s lyrical skills are on point, but it’s as if the production was missed throughout the CD.

Half of the songs do not have good production, which is unacceptable.

There are things that Miller does right on this album. It seems like he has really hit a homerun with “Party on Fifth Avenue” and, even before this album, his hit single “Donald Trump.”

He does a great job of creating a party atmosphere.

The interesting thing about his singles, is that while they were popular among the young hip-hop community, they still failed to chart well.

In fact Miller’s highest single to date, “Party of Fifth Ave,” only topped off at number 64 on the hot 100.

He  bring lots of energy to the table though and has a very good rapping voice that flows well.

If you are buying Miller’s newest CD, you are going to get a mixed bag. I would listen to it on Youtube, unless you’re a diehard Miller fan.

Despite breaking records in terms of independent album sales, Miller still has a way to go.

“Blue Slide Park” will do for now, but as the years go by, it should be interesting to see where Miller goes from here.


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