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Long distance pillow to bring lovers closer together

Love it or hate it, Cupid’s arrows are swiftly approaching and targets have been named. Valentine’s Day, one of the most-celebrated holidays, with its signature pink and red hearts and sentimental cards and poetry, is nearly here. Some call it a “Hallmark holiday,” and others praise it as a delightfully precious day to celebrate loved ones – whether it is a significant other, a parent, a child or a friend.

Either way, Valentine’s Day inspires a reaction in almost every soul on the planet. Chocolates, flowers and jewelry sales hit a spike while couples float on cloud nine for a seemingly brief 24-hour period.

Unfortunately for some couples, distance acts as a stern barrier preventing a joyous reunion filled with plans of heart-shaped candy, a candle-lit dinner and shiny diamonds. Whether a couple is 3,000 miles or 300,000 miles apart, separation of any sort seems to be the worst – especially on this special day.

Part of a couple or not, every person can recognize that spending quality time together is beneficial for a blossoming relationship. Without time spent together, easily avoidable issues can arise, and dreadful consequences may ensue.

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One option to alleviate the melancholy could be a device dubbed “Pillow Talk.” Devised by Scottish designer Joanna Montgomery, “Pillow Talk” is an interactive pillow developed to assuage the ache of miles.

This product functions to bring separated couples together during nighttime. Essentially, couples can sleep together despite the division that separates them from physically being together.

When one person prepares for slumber, he or she slips on a ring sensor, and it activates a fabric panel placed in the other person’s pillowcase, causing the pillow to gently glow. When the other half of the couple sinks into bed, he or she also slips on a ring sensor, and it activates the other fabric panel. The other aspect to this device is the actual heartbeat of the other person gently beating in the pillow.

In this sense, it feels as if the person is literally directly beside his or her partner. Call it creepy or call it adorable – it serves as a handy link to a distant loved one.

Although the moderate hum of a lover’s heartbeat pulsating in a person’s ear at night may not appeal to some, the general concept of “Pillow Talk” has the best intentions at heart. Sometimes when distance drags a couple down into the depths of despair, the little things really count, and this interactive pillow is one of those things.

Although “Pillow Talk” is not currently on the market, it is in development and could prove to be a cute, creative method of keeping a connection strong in the future.

With this innovative interactive pillow, the phrase, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” could actually be proved accurate – or at least close enough to satisfy some.


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