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Drake releases second album to much acclaim

If you wanted unconventional, but amazing, Drake’s newest album “Take Care” delivers just that.

Coming off a successful platinum debut album “Thank Me Later,” it could have been very easy to fall into the sophomore slump but Drake, instead, hits a home run.

He delivers an album that might have people scratching their heads at first but when everything is said and done, it is one of the most creative albums in years.

“Take Care” starts out slow almost like an R&B album. However, as it continues, the album transforms into a solid rap album.

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It’s interesting because he takes the slow R&B style songs and makes them into songs that people care about, with good lyrics and a good message.

Although Drake is known for his different style in the rap game he brings something different to the table with this album.

The album kicks off great with the song “Over My Dead Body”. The song has more of a smooth style and the production is barely noticeable but it works for Drake.

He ends piecing together a song that delivers a good message that he’s never going to give up no matter how many people doubt him.

Following that song is another amazing one, “Shot for Me”. Now it should be pointed out that he does way too much singing for a rap album but, to me, that was more for the chorus of most the songs.

“Shot for Me” is a love song that says taking a chance on him will be worth your while.

Even though the beat is slow to start it really picks up when his verse kicks in and gives an extra kick to the song.

Another great thing about the album is the lack of features. If you look at his debut album, more than two-thirds of it features other rappers which detracted from Drake’s effort.

However on “Take Care,” it is the complete opposite. Less than half the songs on his CD contained a feature.

The people that Drake decided to work with for the most part were in the camp of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB). To me that says a lot about his character and how much he has grown over the past year.

My vote for best part of the album is a song called “Underground Kings”.

Drake uses his style and lyrical mastery to show why he’s no longer considered underground music with this hit.

After recording a lot of slow love songs he comes out of nowhere with Underground Kings which serves as a great up tempo rap song. Compared to any other song on this CD this flow is completely different.

If you hadn’t listened to the previous songs on the album you would have no idea it was Drake and that’s what makes him stand out over most artists in the industry today. Another sleeper song on the album is “Lord Knows” featuring Rick Ross.

It’s an all around good song and, once again, although Ross has a harder time standing out when placed on a feature of a song he kills is and this is no different with this song.

Drake’s pre-released singles turned out to be pretty good choices.

Two of the first three singles that have been released are “Headlines” and “Make Me Proud”.

“Headlines” was an interesting choice because it differs from the slow, melodic pace of the album’s style. As for “Make Me Proud,” Nicki Minaj really plays a great compliment to Drake on this song.

While Drake verse is good Nicki Minaj outshines him on her verse and provides an extra kick to the song.

Along with a great chorus for radio you can’t really go wrong with “Make Me Proud” as it is catchy, upbeat but just the right style for a radio friendly song.

There is no downfall of this album to me. Sure there might be a couple songs here and there that feel like they don’t belong but that will happen that with every album.

After listening to Drake new album, “Take Care” it is safe to say he’ll be making Headlines all the way to the Grammies this year where he’ll be a strong contender for album of the year.


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