Harold and Kumar pop out in 3D for first time

Harold and Kumar are back and better then ever for a third time, except this time, the adventure takes place during Christmas in “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.”

The Harold and Kumar franchise has been a great success overall and this movie was no exception to that. At the point the movie takes place, Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) are living on their own. Harold is actually married now to Maria Perez-Lee (Paula Garces). It is quite clear from the beginning that Harold has grown up, and Kumar is the same old Kumar.

Both friends have grown apart as they both have new best friends. Vanessa Fanning (Danneel Harris) is Kumar’s ex-girlfriend, and in the beginning she tells Kumar she is pregnant. The news does not go over very well, as Kumar’s reaction to it at the time was that he was not interested.

Harold Lee has to deal with Maria’s family as they are coming into town – espcially Maria’s father, Mr. Perez (Danny Trejo). Since they just got married, Harold is doing everything in his power to please Maria’s father.

After Maria’s family tree is destroyed by Kumar, Harold goes on a mission to get the same tree back. At first glance, you might think that the storyline is dumb, but in reality, there is a stronger message behind it.

Kumar feels awful for ruining the tree, so he goes and out bids Harold for the tree they had been asked to hold, only to have the tree destroyed in a car crash.

This is when the movie picks up, as old friends reunite to try to find the perfect Christmas tree. Even though both guys have brand new best friends, it is obvious that both of them do not like them very much.

From there the wild ride starts as they crash a Christmas party, only to find themselves in a whole lot of trouble with people from the mob. Mary (Jordan Hinson) is a girl who has great looks but is sexually frustrated because her dad is a vicious killer mob member.

After another unsuccessful time with a guy takes place, she tries to force herself onto Harold, but plays innocent and says Harold forced himself onto her.

As the adventure continues, things do not get any better as Harold and Kumar are captured by two mob members. As it looks like they are going to die, waffle bot, who places a huge role in the movie ends up saving both of them from the mob members.

The movie is filled with a lot of ups and downs, but it tells a great story at the end. Two friends who were separated more because of personal reasons show that at the end of the day friendship is more important than anything else in life. Harold also learns that you can’t please everyone, and that if Mr. Perez does not like him, there is nothing he can do about it.

If there is a fourth Harold and Kumar movie one can only hope that it is as good as this one.


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