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Students discuss royal’s status as fashion icon

Kate Middleton. She’s the future queen of England and the lucky lady who after years of trying won the rapidly-losing-dreamboat-status-via-hair-loss prince.

But for those familiar with names like Gucci, Prada and Dolce and Gabbana, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s most important role is that of fashion icon.

And even fashion novices have to admit Kate’s fresh, simple look is pleasant in a world where Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are swaggering around red carpets in tiny sequin-drenched getups made of bubbles, Scotch tape and garbage bags.

Apparently this lack of ridiculousness satisfies many fashion types who flock to the Internet for the latest photos of Kate rocking a simple navy suit.

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Maybe it’s not even the clothes she wears. The lovely brunette could probably wear anything.

But the appeal of her apparel sees no end in the pop culture world.

And at least some Gannon students are drinking the Kate-aid.

Beth Gaertner, a senior communications major, said she likes her sensible and chic look.

The look itself might not be revolutionary, but Gaertner said she thinks Kate is revolutionary because she balks at trends in favor of wearing what looks good on her.

“She’s one of the few that think for themselves fashion-wise,” she said.

Gaertner said she thinks Kate’s choices inspire many, and it is to her credit that the interest in her fashion choices has continued months after April’s royal wedding.

“If I was in her position, I think the replicas would have stopped at my wedding gown,” she said.

“Instead she is being looked at to set the standards for the styles of the season.” Emily Ammon, a senior education major, also approves of Kate’s style.

“I always think she looks very polished and nice but still her own age,” Ammon said.

Jessica Scouten, a senior legal studies major, referred to this polished but present look as “classic with a contemporary edge.” She said she finds Kate’s girl-next-door image refreshing in a media drowning with outlandish fashionistas.

However, she thinks that image has been discredited by media which she said are unfortunately obsessed with Kate’s “weight issues.”

But for some Gannon students the media frenzy over Kate hasn’t transferred. Dani Wagner, a senior liberal arts major, had this reaction when asked about Kate’s fashion: “Who is Kate Middleton?”

After she was shown pictures of Kate dressed in various outfits, she agreed with the general sentiments that the Duchess had style.

“It makes me think of old fashion, but in a good way,” she said.

So, maybe the real question isn’t whether students approve of Kate’s fashion, but does anyone actually care?

Ammon may have known who Middleton was, and she may have approved of her fashion choices, but she said she never follows them very closely.

But even if the fashion industry follows suit, and grows tired of Middleton, she will always be remembered for one fashion choice.

Kate Middleton’s lace-covered, long-sleeved ball gown was certainly fit for a queen-in-training, and for years to come will probably have many a Bridezilla in tears in her futile attempts to find the perfect replica.


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