Theatre prepares for stage fright

Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre fraternity, will be sponsoring “Stage Fright” Friday and Saturday from 8-11 p.m. at the Schuster Theatre.

The third annual haunted house will allow visitors to wander through the transformed theatre and be scared by those who help out at the theatre and members of the theatre fraternity itself.

When walking through the dark theatre, prepare to experience different lights, fog and crazy actors.

Keefer Kopco, a sophomore theatre and communication arts major, expects visitors to be frightened in a true theatre fashion.

“I love to scare people,” he said.

“I love planning this event along with the theme in order to lead people around in different rooms.”

Also, visitors should expect a wicked journey through the haunted theatre, said Brianna Woods, a freshman theatre and communication arts major.

As a TCOM, she loves being a part of this story. “Hopefully I can scare a few of my classmates out of their wits,” she said.

The two night theme is “Twisted World of Brothers Grimm.” Gory, scary creatures pop out and will make a person scream like a girl, said senior biology/pre-med major Ryann Beaumont.

“It’s fantastic that I get the chance to work with such driven, creative individuals who masterminded the whole event,” he said.

“Stage Fright” is put on as a fundraiser for Alpha Psi Omega. Matt Kridel, sophomore biology LECOM 4+4 major and the head of “Stage Fright,” said this performance is the first major fundraiser that Alpha Psi Omega has.

“With Halloween being so close to the beginning of the year, it is a great connection and a good time to do it,” he said.

Performers of “Stage Fright” have changed the cost of admission this year to $2 from last year’s cost, which was $5. “We’re doing it a little differently,” said Kridel.

“All of the proceeds that are earned, plus donations, will go toward a memorial that will be hung in the Schuster Theatre to honor the late Bruce Morton Wright.”

“It’s nothing like any other haunted house you’ll go to,” said Beaumont. “We’re theatre students. We don’t do anything halfway.”


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