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‘Paranormal Activity 3’ offers many scares

After two installments in the horror franchise, “Paranormal Activity” is back and scarier than ever.

The unique thing about this film is it’s not your average horror franchise. This movie is actually a prequel to the first two and takes place 18 years prior to the previous events.

Some people have said the way they did this hurt the believability of the series but for me this was the best movie yet in the franchise.

The whole aspect about this movie is the girls Kristie and Katie, who are younger in this film than they were in the previous two.

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Dennis, who is the father at the time, has set cameras up all around the house and notices something strange when the family experiences an earthquake.

As things start to get weirder around the house Dennis decides to invite his friend Randy over to the house to figure what is going on.

A lot of the first part of the movie is weird things going on around the house. When Dennis tries to approach his wife about the situation, she says he is paranoid and seeing things.

The cool thing about this movie that is different from other horror movies recently is it builds up suspense.

You just don’t know when the next scary scene is going to happen even if you are braced for it.

When I saw the midnight showing, I jumped in my seat at least six or seven times and was legitimately scared.

This is a massive compliment to the people who made this movie because a lot of times with horror movies these days, people think they are more funny than scary.

The movie really hits a turning point when Kristie becomes ill and has to go to the hospital. Randy comes over to babysit Katie and she convinces him to play “Bloody Mary” with her.

This was one of the scarier points in the movie because you expected something to happen but you just did not know when it was going to occur.

When they try to leave the bathroom there is a black figure moving around the room and it gets to the point where furniture is being thrown around the room.

After this, Randy tells Dennis he is done helping him with this experiment and leaves the house.

Kristie and Katie continue to experience frightening moments and it gets to the point where the ghost drags Katie into the closet, which was a rather scary scene.

The person who does not believe in any of this is the mother, Julie.

It is not until Julie is alone and experiences a frightening moment that she agrees to take the girls to their grandmother’s house.

One would assume that they left the house and whatever was back at the house would stay there, but that was not the case.

It is quite clear from the beginning of the movie that Lois has a problem with the relationship that Dennis and Julie have.

Once they get to their house, things seem normal until the night.

Julie hears a noise downstairs and decides to see if it is her mom.

After waiting awhile, Dennis decides to go check on Julie but before he does, a figure appears standing behind him in the dark.

The movie continues to flow but one of the weirder twists is when Dennis runs outside and opens the door to the garage a swarm of women start following him back into the house.

Dennis finally finds Julie in one of the scarier points in the movie.

The ending was certainly different than I was expecting.

It was definitely scary but they could have done so much more to add on to the story.

For a horror movie, they did what they needed to do to scare people but the ending really didn’t make a lot of sense.

After setting all types of box office records for a horror movie, there will probably be a strong push to make a fourth installment.

Overall, this was a very satisfying movie.

If you want to go out with your friends and have a good scare, “Paranormal Activity 3” is the movie for you.


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