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Joe Knows

There is no substitute for experience. Knowing where to go, and what’s going to be there can make all the difference between a pleasant experience and a fruitless endeavor.

Or in Halloween’s case, a candy-less one.

Knowing which house to go to can determine whether you go home with a king-sized Snickers or a bottle of water.

Take it from a veteran, if you don’t devise a solid strategy, the pickings are slim.

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So whether you’re going door-to-door or doing your trick-or-treating at the grocery store, here are some foolproof approaches that are sure to fill your sack.

Go for the good stuff

The king retains its crown: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

The chocolaty, peanut-buttery discs covered in that iconic black wax paper have set the standard for Halloween candy. The full-size cups are the ones to target, but those of the bite-size variety also pack a punch.

Following closely behind the peanut butter cups are Twix, Almond Joy and Baby Ruth.

Twix brings an element of sophistication to Halloween, as the caramel and chocolate coupled with the cookie crunch creates a refreshing changeup.

And I know, not everybody likes coconut, but even the fruit’s harshest critic has to admit that it’s cooler than the other side of the candy sack. I can envision James Bond eating an Almond Joy with a knife and fork while being flanked by several European models on a yacht. That’s how cool Almond Joys are.

Obscure is awesome

Don’t be afraid to go after some of the more out of the ordinary candy.

As a kid, I remember looking forward to trick-or-treating at our next-door neighbors’ house, as they would pass out Mallo Cups. It was the only time of the year I would see the chocolate marshmallow treats, which would make them even better.

Some other confections that become annual treats are bubble gum cigars and wax lips.

Part of the fun of getting these exotic items is trying to figure out where in the world these people found this candy. “Hmm, I wonder where they got these Fijian black sesame seed rice paper nougats.”

Stay away from the sugary

A common rookie mistake is to overindulge on sugary sugar-coated morsels of sugar, such as Nerds, Airheads, Smarties and Skittles. It is important to resist this temptation, as the sweetness will cause you to crash without giving you the same satisfaction of a candy with substance.

In addition, they simply aren’t that good. They’re OK when you’re 10, but they seem chalky, sticky and artificial the older you get.

Stick with the tried and proven commodity, and reach for a Twix or Butterfingers instead.


I don’t know if I can be any clearer.

Waxy, brittle and dull, it should just shuck off.

So take it from me, a seasoned Halloween veteran, and follow these simple steps.

As you know, there is no substitute for experience. Nor is there for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.


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