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Warrior crosses thriller with sports genre

When you talk about miracles and dreams coming true, “Warrior” is the perfect movie to turn to in 2011.

“Warrior” is a movie that,  from the beginning, grips you and has you on the edge of your seat.

The movie gets off to an interesting start as Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) son of Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte) shows up at his father’s door.

It had been years since the two have seen each other and it is established that the whole family has had a rocky relationship.

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Paddy Conlon is 1,000 days sober at this point, trying his best to turn his life around, while his son is not on the same path.

The rather awkward but interesting beginning to the movie sets the pace of what is about to happen.

The movie really starts to take off when Tommy Colon decides to give an MMA gym a chance.

When he comes into the building, a fighter by the name of Mad Dog Grimes is in the ring laying waste to his opponents.

Once Tommy challenges Mad Dog things get interesting as Tommy is able to knock him out in less than a minute.

It’s established that Tommy has a gift for this business. He and his father begin to train for a big fight up in Las Vegas.

On the other side of the family Brendan Colon (Joel Edgerton) is having a hard time taking care of his family because of how much his job is paying.

The movie hits home at this point for anyone that has struggled to make a decent living for their family at some point in their life.

After being suspended from school because he participated in an MMA fight, Brendan decides it’s now or never. Being a former MMA fighter he begins to work his way up to the top.

Both Brendan and Tommy have some really interesting scenes together. It is clear that both brothers are having a hard time forgiving each other, which helps build to the fights that are about to take place in Vegas coming up.

During the tournament in Vegas, a video surfaces of Tommy saving a person’s life when he is overseas and the crowd really starts to get behind Tommy.

The tournament is very compelling to say the least and very well put together from a movie standpoint. The end comes down to the two brothers.

I don’t think in recent memory I can remember a sports movie where I did not want either side to lose.

I can definitely say that “Warrior” does a great job building both guys’ character up to the point where you not only don’t know who is going to win, but you don’t want either guy to lose at the same time.

Overall “Warrior” is a huge success. It is a movie that anyone can go see and get into. While it might be under the radar it is a movie that will captivate you once you see it.


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