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February 23, 2024

Anniversary of 9/11 proves unsatisfactory

Underwhelming is a good way to describe Gannon’s University’s observance of Sept. 11.

We, at The Knight, are pretty positive the university did more to honor last year’s Super Bowl than it did to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the greatest tragedy in our generation, and perhaps, in American history.

It’s surprising, really, since a large portion of the university’s enrollment comes from two of the states where the damage was most severe – New York and Pennsylvania.

Although none of us saw the towers burning or planes crashing from our elementary school yards, it doesn’t mean we weren’t affected.

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Our generation lives in an era that’s dominated by the consequences of 9/11.

Just because we weren’t climbing down 90 flights of stairs wondering if we’d make it to the ground floor and out the door alive, doesn’t mean that we didn’t know people who were.

It is unfathomable why Gannon would have nothing out of the ordinary planned for the weekend. I don’t even know what the excuses could be, and the ones I could think of didn’t make sense.

A small prayer service by campus ministry was nice, but certainly not enough.

Why was nothing substantial done during the week?

Just because a big event wouldn’t be on the exact day doesn’t matter – it’s the thought that counts.

That’s why we’re paying tribute to 9/11 with a couple of columns, an info graphic, Roundtable question and a stand alone picture.

The same rule for homework applies here – something is better than nothing and late is better than never.

So, from the editors at The Knight, we pray for the victims and their families and thank those civil and military service men and women who, from Sept. 11, 2001, to Sept. 11, 2011, have fought to make sure we won’t have another date to commemorate.

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