Hot spots around town

As the first year of college is finally coming into full swing for many students, it’s a good time to remind them – particularly those just beginning their first year at Gannon University – that activities and entertainment are not just limited to the campus.

Erie is full of opportunities to have fun. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s likely that Erie has it. And what’s even better is that pretty much all of the fun is located just a short walk or bus ride away from campus. In other words, living on campus doesn’t mean that you’re confined to campus-only activities.

Eli Coppock, a senior history major, said one of his favorite places to go in Erie is the Hookah Café, located on West 14th Street by Union Station, near Peach Street. He said this is a great place to spend some time  hanging out with friends at minimal cost. For more information on the Hookah Café, you can visit its Facebook Page, titled “Hookah Café – Erie PA.”

Coppock is from Edinboro, Pa., and commutes to Gannon every day for class. He said that being a commuter might provide a different perspective for students because he knows the city of Erie well. He encourages students to get out and see what Erie has to offer.

Senior liberal arts major Dani Wagner said some of her favorite places within walking distance of campus are Tickle’s Deli (where she encourages students to try a “Big Freddie”), Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe and the Tullio Arena for Otters games. Coppock said some of his favorites within walking distance are Molly Brannigan’s, Starbucks and Viva Wraps and Pitas.

Wagner, who lives on campus and is originally from Guys Mills, Pa., said she also likes several places that are just a bus ride away. Some of her favorites are the Millcreek Mall, Tinseltown movie theater, Wal-Mart and Wegman’s grocery store on upper Peach Street.

According to Wagner one of the best places in Erie is Presque Isle State Park, particularly at sunset. Both Coppock and Wagner listed Presque Isle as the No. 1 place Gannon students must see while they’re in Erie, although it may not be easy to get to without a car handy.

“Everyone should go to Presque Isle at least once in their lives,” Coppock said. “It’s a really pretty place to go.”

Buses do not go to Presque Isle, so it may be difficult for some students to get there, but if you have the means of transportation, both Coppock and Wagner would strongly suggest you make time in your schedule for a visit.

Wagner encouraged students to be careful while walking around dowtown Erie. “Pay attention to what’s going on around you and take advantage of campus services,” she said.

Coppock agreed that students should try to be safe downtown, but he also said venturing outside campus is a really good idea. He said he thinks it’s good to know the city you’re living in, in case you have an internship or something else off-campus that you’ll need to get to. He said Erie can be an advantageous place if you make it one.


assistant features editor