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Financially savvy vacation places break tradition

Everyone wants to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the summer months, but not everyone has the benefit of an endless budget.

However, there are still plenty of destinations that ensure a good time within a reasonable price range.

When considering vacation spots, finding a cheap bed to lie in can help tremendously with maintaining a low budget. Many metropolitan areas throughout the United States are home to a variety of hostels, providing an inexpensive place to sleep and bathe.

When visiting vibrant, multicultural cites like New Orleans, sleeping will be the last way you want to spend your time. Rooms can be found for as low as $16 a night at various hostels located in the central city area. Situated near the coast, New Orleans is highlighted with signature Cajun restaurants and other seafood gastronomies.

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( New Orleans, one of the United States' most historical cities, is known for its signature Cajun restaurants, and nightlife.

 Julian Davis, a sophomore business administration major, said he has visited the city several times.

“I love the life of the city, from the music, to walking down the streets to the unique restaurants.”

Nights in the city can be spent listening to jazz at a local bar or taking a spirit tour in the city’s historic French Quarter. Coupons for the area’s many attractions, including airboat rides, can be found on   

 For an equally artistic escape that is undoubtedly more relaxing, a trip to Berkeley Springs, W. Va, can also fulfill vacation needs without stretching the wallet.

The area is famous for its warm mineral springs that provide rejuvenation and relaxation for a $20 pass into the many public pools. For the outdoorsy traveler, Berkeley Springs State Park provides trails for hiking and experiencing the history of the country’s first spa.

Washington Heritage trail, home of President Washington’s bathtub, is another attraction in the area. Downtown specialty shops sell original artwork, herbs, collectibles, and in home spa supplies. Evenings in Berkeley Springs can be spent at the Star Theatre, a working artifact that shows movies for $3.25. 

Vacationers looking for less serenity and more sun may desire a trip to Florida. Homosassa, Fla., is a hub for recreation in the intricate waterways off the coast. Fishing, kayaking, golfing and snorkeling with manatees are all available activities in Homosassa.
( Homosassa, Fla., is a nontraditional vacation spot that is home to recreational activities including kayaking, golfing and snorkeling with manatees.

Junior legal studies major and swimmer Laurel Martinez had the opportunity to swim with manatees while in Florida with Gannon’s swim team. “They’re so big, but so graceful,” Martinez said. “We swam alongside five of them for about a half mile. It was amazing.”

Manatee tours are priced around $50, but manatees, like the ones Martinez had the opportunity to swim with, can be found in open water.

The River Side Crab House is one of the many area restaurants that offer daily specials on dinners and drinks to help maintain a healthy travel budget. Camping grounds and various motels in the neighborhood also help maintain a budget by decreasing the cost of sleeping.

Boulder International Hostel has beds at $15 a night allowing vacationers to spend their trip funds on other more interactive activities in Boulder, Colo.  Experience the creation of organics and other favorites from wineries to ice cream tours at various local green factories.

There are also many opportunities for outdoor adventure from rock climbing to skateboarding. Boulder is also home to musicians seeking applause at any of the 30-some bars and nightclubs in the city. Adventure can be found at all times during the day in Boulder, Colo.

For a more traditional vacation many people visit the sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Freckled with gift shops, putt-putt golf courses and restaurants galore, Myrtle Beach is the ultimate tourist destination on the East Coast.

Rhiannon Ray, a sports management and marketing major and a member of the Gannon women’s golf team, has spent numerous vacations golfing at Myrtle Beach. She says she enjoys golfing there. “The weather is mostly always perfect, the courses are in great shape and they’re difficult so they test your skill,” she said.
( Myrtle Beach, S.C., provides vacationers with warm temperatures, a relaxing environment and beautiful golf courses.

Ray said that Myrtle Beach is an amazing place for avid golfers. The area also presents many different hotels and motels with options for every price range. The afternoon sun will most likely capture the attention of visitors until the overwhelming thirst and hunger has people flocking to any one of area’s eateries to enjoy world-renowned seafood and cocktails.

If you’re looking for a new twist on a traditional summer vacation, consider either New Orleans, Boulder, Homosassa, Berkeley Springs or Myrtle Beach. They’re all possible destinations to enjoy summer vacation without breaking the bank. No matter where you decide to vacation, have a happy and safe traveling summer.


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