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September 22, 2023
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September 22, 2023

Students embrace summer job rush

As school winds down, students at Gannon University are looking for things to do for the summer.

This usually means a summer job and/or internship. While some go home, others try to stick around Erie and utilize what the city has to offer.

Patrick Chounet, a junior math and science double major, is staying in Erie instead of going home to Cleveland.

He said he has exciting things to look forward to while staying here.

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“I’m trying to find a job in Erie and I’m going to be in ‘Gypsy’ at the Erie Playhouse,” Chounet said. He also plans on becoming more involved at The Station Dinner Theatre, as well travel to Scotland with the theatre department.

While Chounet is looking forward to staying in Erie and being busy with local theatre, some students, like sophomore chemistry major Sarah Lewis, are staying on Gannon’s campus over the summer.

“I’m not sure which summer work-study job I will be taking, because job postings haven’t put up just yet,” she said.

Though she is staying on Gannon’s campus, Lewis will not take summer classes, as she said they are expensive, but she hopes she will be able to work the maximum hours allowed for work studies.

Amanda Haig, a junior accounting major, is staying in her Gannon apartment but not for the whole summer.

She is going to continue to work for General Electric in its co-op program. She has to stay in Erie until May 20 for an internship, but after that it is home sweet home.

 “I’m looking forwrad to going back home because I can still play soccer with my friends, take summer classes and go on my family vacation to the Outer Banks while keeping my job intact.”

According to, the most popular summer jobs still provide variety.

In the food service industry, jobs in fast food restaurants and cafés are popular, as well as basic jobs at grocery stores or even working at a restaurant as a busboy, waiter or hostess.

For more traditional summer jobs, and for those who are looking for the opportunity to enjoy the soon-to-be warm weather, lifeguard jobs are plentiful, as long as you have the correct certification.  Another traditional summer job is that of a camp counselor.

Katie Bauer, a junior occupational therapy major, will serve as a camp counselor for Gannon’s Upward Bound program. Upward Bound is a summer camp where students from the Erie area, ranging from high school sophomores to seniors, stay in Wehrle Hall in sessions over the summer and attend classes to help them advance in math, science and English.

Bauer said she is excited to be a part of a camp counseling crew.

“It’ll be a great opportunity to get to spend time with the kids and get to know them and watch them grow,” she said. “I’m definitely looking forward to the experience.”

Other common summer jobs include those that involve some manual labor – and a definite tan – like construction working and landscaping. While these jobs may not be the most obvious choice, they are available and pay anywhere from $7 to $13 an hour.

If you’re still in the market for a summer job, it’s not too late. Think outside the box and apply for more than just the stereotypical summer employment opportunities.

So whatever you are doing for the summer, whether it’s staying in Erie or going home, look for a job or just get involved in the community. It’ll look good on a résumé  and it will also give you something to do besides watching television 24/7 throughout the warm months.


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Features editor Janae Butler contributed to this story.

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