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Gannon could gain spirit from fight song

For students looking for an alternative college experience, Gannon University doesn’t just take the cake – it buys the entire bakery.

Instead of playing Frisbee on the quad, Gannon students look both ways for traffic. We trade in the luxury of a secluded retreat from the bustle of everyday life for the privilege of being the neighbor of the Erie County Courthouse and police station.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But there is one thing Gannon students should be able to call their own, and it will increase school spirit exponentially.

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A fight song would not only improve the Gannon brand, but it will also promote a sense of unity among all classes.

Not only are fight songs catchy and classy, but they also give students and subway alums alike a chance to be part of a history-laden and time-honored tradition.

Now, we’re not advocating a fashion shift back to letterman jackets.

In fact, we’d strongly advise against it.

Rather, give students something to hum as they walk to class and set as their cell phone ringtone.

Market it right and sell bottle openers that play the song when you use it.

It would catch on and spread like wildfire.

With a little luck, it could climb the ranks to join the Notre Dame Victory March and Rocky Top.

However, a movement can’t be started on its own.

Students must get behind the idea, and start a grassroots movement.

A contest to determine the song could be a fine starting point.

If just one in every 50 undergraduates submit an idea for the anthem, there would be nearly 60 options to choose from.

Surely, a group as diverse and talented as the students at Gannon could come up with a few viable candidates.

A Gannon fight song would create a new tradition and give Golden Knights from all over something to rally around.

C’mon Gannon, let’s give it a college try.

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