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The Student News Site of Gannon University since 1947


The Student News Site of Gannon University since 1947


Where is Kate Middleton?

Image of Princess Catherine and Prince William, on the day of King Charles’ coronation.

March 22, 2024/Midnight 

Erie Pa., — Kate Middleton, known formally as Princess Catherine of Wales, and formerly known as the Duchess of Cambridge, has been the subject of countless news articles and inquiries on social media over the past few months. Middleton, as the next in line to be the British Queen, is an important subject of the royal family as well as an important subject of British and International news. The royal family is known for involving themselves in British public life, primarily by doing charity work. Usually, the princess is active in the British public, fulfilling these requirements. 


However, Kate Middleton has not been seen out in public since December of 2023. In fact, the last time she was seen in public was Christmas Day of 2023, attending church with her family. Kensington Palace, the residence of Middleton, released a statement saying that Middleton has undergone non-cancerous abdominal surgery, and would not be returning to public life until after Easter. 

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On March 4th Middleton was photographed in a car, and though she did not leave the car or address people outside of the car, photographs of her were still taken and circulated on the internet. The princess appeared in the passenger seat, driven by her mother Carole Middleton. Some speculate that she was intentionally seen on this drive, and intended to be photographed, to prove to the public that she was alive and well. 


This scandal has yet again resurfaced on March 10th, which is England’s Mother’s Day. A picture of Princess Catherine and her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis was posted to the social media platform X. Internet users soon found inconsistencies in the photo and were quick to point out that it had been edited. Internet users found editing inconsistencies with Princess Charlotte’s skirt and wrist and in the background of the photo. After several news agencies retracted the photo because of its manipulation with editing, Kate Middleton issued a public apology- a rarity for the royal family. 


In this apology, she admitted to editing the photo. She called herself an amateur photographer and assured the public that she had no ill intent in posting the photo and that she was sorry to have caused any confusion. Though some were content with this explanation, others believe that the photo not only contains minor edits but was entirely created using AI. 


Though Easter (when Middleton is supposed to return to public life) is still weeks away, worried fans of the British royal family and conspiracy theorists alike have begun to speculate on Kate Middleton’s whereabouts. Theories, some serious and some joking, began to spring up on the Internet, and have increased in number the longer Middleton is out of public life. While serious inquiries about Middleton’s whereabouts are a popular subject on the Internet, the jokes and memes that have emerged about the situation are even more popular. These theories range from the idea that Middleton is practicing for the next season of the reality show The Masked Singer, to the theory that Middleton has somehow died. These theories have no evidence to support them but are the subjects of popular jokes and memes circulating on social media. 


Though these ‘scandals’ seem insignificant to many and make funny jokes and memes for many more, some people are more concerned. Along with the recent news of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, some worry that these health complications, as well as other issues the royal family faces, will lead to the eventual demise of the British royal family. 


For now, official news of Kate Middleton is positive and assuring. With several days left until Easter comes and Middleton is expected to return to British public life, the public can only rely on the statements coming from Kensington Palace to learn of Middleton’s surgery, health, and recovery.  


For more information on Kate Middleton and her absence from public life, visit: The latest on Kate Middleton amid health battle, photo controversy – ABC News ( 

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