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Stanley Cups: The Internet’s Latest Trend

The reusable water tumblers have become a new hype after taking over TikTok.
The reusable water tumblers have become a new “hype” after taking over TikTok.

February 2, 2024/12 a.m.

Erie, Pa. — Looking around any high school or university classroom in the country, you’ll find a familiar object: a Stanley water bottle.

Though the company has been around for decades, the water bottles’ recent popularity is partly due to their pervasive presence on TikTok. Influencers show off entire walls full of Stanley water bottles, in dozens of assorted colors and designs. Over the holidays, it was one of the most common gift ideas for young girls.

Why are Stanley’s so popular? Some say that the large cup size helps them stay hydrated throughout the day. Some think the handle, or the straw is a cute little feature. The company also has a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, which make it easy to find the perfect bottle to match your own aesthetic and preferences.

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But has the craze gone too far? Some parents of middle and high schoolers have taken to TikTok and other social media platforms to report that their children were bullied over owning knock-off Stanley cups, instead of the real deal. It’s clear now that this trend is not only for the enjoyment of adults on social media but has made its way into the politics of children’s classrooms.

As for the influencers that show off their dozens of cups, some wonder if it defeats the point of having a reusable water bottle at all. After all, many people have made the switch to water bottles like Stanley’s to cut down on their plastic consumption, but will it really make a difference if those Stanley cups end up in thrift stores or landfills in a few years?

Many people on social media have now denounced the trend, saying that it promotes the mindless consumerism that some argue has become common in modern American culture.

Are Stanley’s truly the superior water bottle, or just another hype? Only time can tell.

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