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Do Gannon Students Take a Side in the Israel Hamas Conflict?

December 8, 2023/12:00a.m.

Since October 7, 2023, News outlets and social media are filled with the latest war between Hamas and Israel. The stories of war are everywhere but are people forming opinions? I probed Gannon’s campus with 3 questions on the topic.

The territories controlled by Israel and Palestine before this year’s conflict. At this time Israel was recognized by 165 of the 193 UM member states. Meanwhile Palestine was recognized by 138 member states.
Israel / Palestine Map: Who Controlled What Before the 2023 Hamas Invasion? Political Geography (

“What do you think about Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on civilian targets?”

Sebastian passes through the hallway in the Center of Engineering. Nov 14, 2023

They’re fake”

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In contrast Donald a sophomore said: “I don’t think they should target civilians but Hamas typically places themselves underneath or around civilian targets so I think it’s an unfortunate reality of the war.”

Alex a Sophomore ROTC student said: “I believe it’s military and Hamas has been hiding their weapons inside civilian populus to purposely make Israel look like the bad guys.”

Other campus goers said:

“I disapprove of them.”

“I disapprove”

“I don’t like it … I think it’s not right.”

“I think that it should stay outside of civilian areas.”

‘’Not good they’re not good.”



“Which side do you support in the Israel-Hamas conflict?”

Nate, a midfielder, poses for his team portrait as a men’s soccer player.

“I don’t know too much about the topic but Israel.”

In contrast Elbech said, “Neither”. And Cale said, “I actually don’t know too much about this I’m sorry.”

Other campus goers said:


“I’d say Israel”

“I’m not really sure I don’t think I’m caught up enough on it to speak about it.”

“I support Israel.”

“I honestly don’t even know.”








“Do you think Palestine should be considered an independent country?”

ROTC Battalion

Alex – A Sophomore ROTC member and Gannon student says, “No”

In contrast, Sebastian said, “No it’s in Israel.”

Other campus goers said:


“I don’t know honestly.”


“Yeah, why not”

“I don’t know enough to talk about that either.”




As it turns out the choice to support Israel has divided students in half here and around the country. Nobody who was interviewed chose to back Hamas. The question of Palestine’s independence from Israel received a more equal spread of opinions with 4 students saying yes, 2 saying no, and 2 not knowing an answer. All in all, the Gannon populus did well when facing questions and demonstrated an acceptable level of world awareness.

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